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Would you like to play a game?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10. Physical attractiveness plus your sparkling personality may be taken into account. No fair being too modest, but also no fair being too bold.

And no no, you go first, because if I go first it becomes too easy to place yourself as slightly more or less fabulous than me. But I promise that I have the number in my head and will not waver in it's selection and will tell you tomorrow.

Also, please, let's all set 10 as someone you have at least seen in person in real life. It just makes it easier for the rest of us to compete.

And yes, this game totally sucks, but next week we are playing Best Thing/Worst Thing, and that sucks exponentially more, so look at this as a warm-up.

Comments (56)

Its too early to contemplate this but I wanted to be the first comment. LOL!

I'll be the first brave soul to do the rating (ha! to Linda).

I'd put myself as a solid 7.

I may be pushing that, but I think I can generously add 2 points for sense of humor to my otherwise 5 in appearance.

I'm going to go with a 6 today. If I wasn't so ornery because I am so tired, I would give myself a 7.

I'll say 7 - assuming I am wearing make-up and I have showered.

I'd totally be a 9, but I bite my nails a lot and have been known to pick my nose on occasion, when push inevitably comes to shove.

So I'm going with an 8. I have a lot of stretch marks, but I have a really dirty sense of humor. I'd call that a wash.

(And I'm going to go ahead and refer to you today as Joshua, and then I'm going to hope that's the reference you were going for.)

I'd have to go with a 7 too...moderately handsome, funny, smart, good with kids (especially my own), good husband, and a hoopy frood*. I'd give myself an 8 if I wasn't so modest ;).

*Apologies to Mr. Douglas Adams for use of his vernacular.

7.5 on my best days, I think.

8. I'm thin and most of the time, I look good; warm & giving personality.

I'd go for a 9, as I cleanup really well, but rarely do I bother to go to all the trouble.

I spend lots of time with people and animals who are constantly making me feel like I'm a lovable person; it's possible that my ego is a wee bit inflated - I give myself a combined score of 8.5

(Take note: I highly recommend not spending time with people who make you feel less than spectacular - life is too short for crap like that)

10...and that's not b/c I have super high self esteem or think I'm wonderful...far, far from it. It's b/c I have recently realized that I am a whole lot stronger and smarter and better than I ever gave myself credit for and I have made myself a promise to only say positive things about myself for 30 days. Also b/c I keep hearing this silly mantra..."what we think about, we bring about." And by the way, you ALL are 10's too!

I am around a 6.5, I think. I am moderately good looking (enough that people are not embarrassed to be in a photo with me, but not good looking enough to be at all intimidating to anyone's self-esteem) and an OK conversationalist (until I start to get nervous about what I am saying, and then the filter gets shot all to hell and I say *really* stupid stuff, and I get more nervous about what I've just said, and I talk more to try to fix the stupid thing I said, but that only makes me say more stupid things...) I can take a joke, and the fact that I am lousy at telling a joke is more of a source of amusement than the actual jokes are, so I am fun to have around. I bake well, especially breads, and like to share the stuff I cook. I cry way too easily, and get hurt too often by people who had no intention of hurting me. So, I'm better than average, but not by a whole lot.

Since I am feeling pretty horrible right now I only give myself a 3. But I am home and back to cruising the Internet. and once the eye is healed I will be commenting more, and perhaps feeling better about myself.

I'd say around an 8. Maybe a 9. I'm quite the catch. I should point out that based on Chris' blog submission yesterday and his description of himself, it turns out that I'm pretty much him and vice versa. So, with that in mind I'll tell you on his behalf that you guys should have sex immediately.

Ehh... 8ish? Yeah, I'll go with 8ish. But if you throw in the kick-ass factor, I'm a total 10. Gosh, you're not going to make us post pictures to prove it, are you? Because in which case, I need to go get a haircut.

With makeup and all my clothes on I'm a 7. But after three kids...I'm a 6 with no clothes. 6.5 if the lights are out.

Well before the baby, I'd have given myself a 7.5 or even an 8 if I had just been to my hair stylist.

Now, with these extra pounds and large but saggy boobs, hair that is never out of a ponytail and my lovely makeup and cute clothes gathering dust, I'd say I'm about a 5.

Wow, that was depressing. But my baby is cute! And what better accessory for a mom is there?

Ooo. Um. 8.5 I like the way my body looks but I subtract a few points for the idioticness in my personality. How backwards is that?

a solid 8.5

I am feeling particularly fabulous today

6. Maybe. I'm not ugly or anything, but I'm not always very nice.

I'm well liked by 10s and 9s, in that "he's so nice, I wish he was my brother" kind of way. So, I'm going to go with a low 8. Healthy body, loves kids, good provider, does all those things that so many women complain that their husbands don't do. Basically, I'm saying that if my face wasn't a 6, I'd be a 9.

I'm gonna wait to rate myself until after my 3rd glass of wine tonight. By then, I'll at least be a 9 (beer goggles and all).

7 I think.

Before baby, I was a 8. and this is based on my looks. I look better than average, had a fab figure to match, gorgeous straight long tresses. Pretty ok at conversations. only thing lacking is a sense of humor. I laugh easily, but do not get laughs easily. Well, post baby I am down at 4.5, and just realised that's the lowest score among all ur readers. Have gained weight, skin has dulled, hair has fallen, and worse, I think I have rheumatism (still waiting for the diagnosis). My joints ache and thats what has pulled me and my personality down. sorry for the downer, just had a real crappy day (physically). Tomorrow if i feel better, i may give myself a 6.

10! We're all 10's in our own unique ways and if anyone tells you any different, kick'em in the ass! Wear your 10 proudly!

I know. I'm a dork.

That anonymous up there was me..that was a mistake :-)

I'm going with an 8. I still have about 20 pounds to loose but I'm an excellent friend and a productive member of the community. Plus, my son and my husband think I rock.

A solid 7.5, 7.9 on a skinny day. i would be a 9 if I would stop biting my nails and lose 25 pounds. Thats how I feel anyways!

You know, I'm gonna go with 8. I am a good person, a good mother, a good wife. I am fun to be around and I go with the flow. I am fairly attractive except for what these babies did to my body. But I'm down to wearing size 6's so that gets some points!

How can you rate yourself LOWER after giving birth? I'd be so proud of myself that I would give me a 10. But since I'm male I'll go with an 8. There's room for improvement but I do good :)

Hmmm...I'd say an 8 on most days; 9 if I haven't been with the horses and don't have their hair and dust clinging to me. Probably closer to a 9.5 when I lose 15 more pounds, but I'm happy with an 8.

Hmm, to play the game, I think I'm around a 7.5, but dress up to a 8.5-9. I could still stand to loose some baby weight and sometimes my hair just sucks, but there you have it.

NM, I had the same thing happen to me after my baby with the joints hurting. They couldn't figure out what was wrong because I kept testing negative for rhuematiod (sp?) arthritis. I had to do some physio and exercise and it went away as mysteriously and quickly as it came. Just thought I'd share.

I'll go for a 8. I am told I am pretty, smart and fun! I have a few pounds to lose though...

I think I'm a 7.75 with my clothes on, but because I'm a fat girl, I think other people would give me a 4 on my best day. Oh, and to clarify, the 7.5 is not for looks alone, although I think I'm attractive. It's also for being a great friend, an excellent listener, a kind and compassionate person, and for having a dirty mind and a clever sense of humor.

I have to go with a 6.200415.

Before baby i was maybe a 7 but now I'm gonna go with an 8.5 on a normal day. I am a wonderful mother to my girl add that to the fact that I have a kick ass personality and you get a 10. Take away a few points because I have sucky people skills (you really have to know me to love me and then when you know me you really love me so really it's a good thing) and I need to lose about 20 pounds and then add more points because I am fun and I love to laugh especially at myself, in a non-self depreciating way of course, take away a few more points because this is all one really long sentence (it's how I talk too) and there you have it a 8.5.

I'm an 8 and I rock.

hmm... 7.5... and 5 of those points are personality

okay, I'd say a 9. I'm super in the personality dept. and definitely not lacking in the confidence dept. either. Wow, how snotty do I sound? But to be fair, I'm sure most people who know me would most definitely agree.

Heh heh heh, no.

So if you doubted it before, now you know I have self-esteem problems. Woo. Workin on it, promise.

If we are taking everything in to account, I'm an 8 today and on most days. I occasionally reach a 10 which is cool but I hit about a 3 during PMS days so it all works out.

Wow, this is tougher than you'd think...

Solely based on appearance, I'd say a 6. Pre-baby, I'm going to go with an 8. Pre-baby I was, err, stick-sized and wore make-up. Now I'm 20lbs heavier (no intentions on losing weight either, since I LIKE being over 100 lbs)... Hmm, I don't think this counts now, since I'm pregnant again.. Clothes off, I'll go 5, since I feel so chubby compared to the me in my head and I'm one large stretch mark.

Whole package, I'd go 8. Maybe 9, depending on the guy. I love guy things (working on cars, video games, etc), I laugh easily and sometimes I even say funny things... Not that great of a conversationlist, I'm better with written words than I am spoken. Not too good with friends though, since I'm generally anti-social, which makes me very flaky and not likely to put the effort forward into hanging out or making that phone call.

Eeks. This is far too indepth. I must have the longest comment so far, lol. Can't wait to see your post tomorrow.

9 if you're into bodacious tatas. Otherwise, 6 or 7.

I'd give myself a 6.5 but if I'd lose 15 pounds then I'd add 2 points.

I'd say 8.5. Combining personality, looks, volunteer work, yadda yadda yadda. On my really kick-ass days I'd say a 9. But really, I'd never say a 10 because I'm always aspiring for more from myself (work out more, learn more, etc.) plus I haven't been a mother yet and I think that will knock me off the charts, as that is what I was born to do.

What a fun game. Gives a person something to think about. Also, I had to think who I would rate a 10 to compare myself too. Than I came to the conclusion the one person I'd right a 10 is not the most pretty person and is a little overweight. But her personality is so unselfishly great, I'd give her a 9.8.

If you'd asked me 6 or 7 years ago, I'd probably give myself a 3. But now I'd say an 8.5. Of course there is room for improvement: I would really like to be done with school so I can give my full attention to Tim and be an even better mom.

I'm curious what you rate yourself!!

I'm feeling good in my pregnant state, loving & doing well in my part time job, the kids are reasonably happy and well behaved mostly, the Sarge is happy...I'd say that means I must be doing something right, so I'll go with 7 :)


It'd been higher, but the damn Russian judge took points off 'cause I wouldn't sleep with him.

Id say a 6. A little too much grey hair these days for higher.

I'm a firm 7ish. I get enough feedback to know that I'm above average in looks and I've got a damn fine sense of humor. But I can be socially awkward and unmotivated, which I find to be unattractive traits in others. I'm keepin' my own self down, it seems.

i don't have a good frame of reference. i need to know who's a 1 and who's a 10. this game is too complicated!

i feel like everyone's saying somewhere between 7-8. seems like a high average...just sayin'....

7. Even though today I am very cranky and not really fit for human company, normally I think I am a 7. Not gorgeous, not ugly, and pretty darn nice, too.

Try as I might, I really can't give myself anything higher than a 3. Sorry to bring down the average.

Holy Crapoly. The pressure and angst this just caused me.

I understand I'm pretty funny, I'm nice, according to my child, I'm "bangin'" (but not in a creepy way), but I must take a deduction because I get all shy and stuttery and inarticulate in new situations with new people.

8.5? This may be pushing it.

No. I stand by my 8.5.

Late to the party as usual, but I showed up! I've even got a kickin bottle of wine, honest!

Tough game. I'm going to bring down the average too. I'd say I'm about a 6. I can crank it up to somewhere around 8 or 8.5 when I'm in a "who the $%^& cares?" mood (usually brought about by several shots of tequila). But those are few and far between these days.

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