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Coming up for air

Oh, hi. Are you still there? How are you? What's new?

Me? On nothing. I haven't painted anything in nearly a week and haven't moved the fucking piano is slightly longer, so I am starting to feel like an almost normal person again. Well, as normal as you can be when you spend all your spare time wiping down the sink and hiding your toothbrush, because god forbid someone come to see my house and be confronted with the bitter truth that I brush my teeth. That would be tragic, just tragic.

The whole listing your house thing pretty much sucks, but Mia is doing much better in the past week or so, now that we actually pay attention to her once in a while rather than telling her to go watch Elmo while we replace the bathroom floor or hide eight million books in the closet under the stairs. I had all these plans to take her to the playground and the pool to make up for the two weeks of neglect, but so far we have mostly just hung around the house and played with the light switches and I have to say I think she is enjoying it immensely. As am I. Today I taught her to say "amoeba" (because she couldn't manage "paramecium") and it is the cutest damned thing you have ever heard. I also taught her to open her eyes really wide (her current obsession is eyeballs) which makes her look like an adorable little hobbit child and it is so cute that I accidentally swallowed her whole. Whoops.

I've been thinking a lot about motherhood as Mia's second birthday approaches, and the thing I never realized before I started this thing is how much you just flat out enjoy your kid. I never realized that your kid cracks you up on a constant basis and that you are literally amazed by every new word and concept and that, some days anyway, you really can sit and watch them brush Tigger's hair for 20 minutes and be enthralled. My kid is amazing, I'm sure yours is too, and she makes even the biggest royal pains in the ass worth it. Sooner or later.

Comments (18) cropping needed you are MRS. MCHOTTIE!! (just a comment to the one you emailed me) Yes you need another Bean! I am now over 2 months pregnant and FLIPPING the fuck out. How do women go through this?? The ups and downs and crazy in betweens are killing me! Along with future McDaddy here I should just shoot him and put us all out of the misery! If I dont go to jail over that one...does Chris have any single brothers? LOL

I was thinking the same thing when Shepherd spent the entire breakfast yesterday cracking me up making faces. You just never know how crazy you're going to be about them. :)

Tigger's mane must be tangle-free and softer than the softest soft stuff in the Soft Store.

Of all the word choices floating around the atmosphere, why 'paramecium' or 'amoeba'? I mean, rather than words she can use daily like 'fork' or 'vacuum' or 'artillery'?

You are so right. I can listen to Elmo sing "Shout" all day long as long as I can also watch my baby girl point and declare, "Melmo!"

Last night when I put Nate to bed he waved at me and said, "Bye Mama" and it broke my heart. I never knew I could have so many emotions over one person. He makes me laugh and breaks my heart with how fast he's growing up.

When you are finished teaching Mia to say ameoba you can come on over and teach me...actually ameoba isn't an issue but I'll be damned if I can say anemone. I truly do end up sounding like Nemo when I attempt it.

It is truly amazing how joyful they become. Enjoy it now, before she turns into a teenager.

I sometimes wonder if people think I am crazy because I WANT to spend time with C because he is SO much fun to be with. There are the hard times, but the good and fun time and the hearing him laugh times far out weigh any thing else I could be doing.

Awww. I love my little guy so much. I try to tell people why he's so great and fail. This post says it beautifully.

Awww. I love my little guy so much. I try to tell people why he's so great and fail. This post says it beautifully.

That's the thing they don't really tell you about having kids. They emphasize the hard parts and everything you have to give up, but nobody really tells you how little of your pre-kid life you really miss and just how much damned fun they are.

Wouldn't it be worse if they thought you didn't brush your teeth?

I simply do not understand the housing market at all.

Our place has been listed for 2 1/2 months and the initial cleaning was the worst. Sooner or later you also get tired of cleaning for a showing. Good luck on the house!

Our place has been listed for 2 1/2 months and the initial cleaning was the worst. Sooner or later you also get tired of cleaning for a showing. Good luck on the house!

I'm amazed everyday by JuniorMint and yes, I laugh more with him (ok, sometimes at him) than I do roll my eyes when he's being a pain.

Mia almost 2 years old? I smell a birthday party...

It is amazing how quickly they learn and how they see everything as a new adventure. I wish I could remember more often to see things through a child's eyes - hobbit eyes or normal eyes.

I’m reaching out to talk to parents about the Maya & Miguel program as part of a marketing project I’m working on with Scholastic. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Maya & Miguel, a show on PBS in the afternoons -- -- that emphasizes cultural diversity and language learning.

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Kerri Roberts, BoldMouth

When she gets a little older, here is a VERY fun game. It is absolutely hilarious. (Totally not above using my kid for amusement value over here).

I wonder if all the McHotties of the world know of their inherent hottest, or look for blogs such as these to see their hot status...

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