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What do you tip for installing carpet?

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You tip for installing carpet? Huh. Shows what I know.

Do you really have to tip for that ? I'm really impressed with your super speedy painting powers Beth. It has taken me all weekend and I'm not even finished one room. Do you have any tips for doing the 'just before the ceiling' part ?

Oh crikey, I've no idea. For movers we tipped 10% at the outset, and 10% at the end, to keep them moving fast enough that they wouldn't charge us an hourly rate.

For installers, it depends - we have typically tipped 10 percent, but that's mostly because the installers we've worked with are sole proprietors, as in, the dude who is installing our carpet is the same dude who's making all the money on the deal - he doesn't have any employees that he's paying. We've approached it kind of like hairdressers that way, but I'm fairly certain someone here will out us as cheap bastards.

Tipping is dark jungle territory to me, but I don't think you have to tip people who come to do work on the house of the carpet/sheetrock/roofing/plumbing sort. I think you just pay them. If I found out I were wrong, I would not be surprised--only once again made aware of the unfamiliar territory.

I would say nothing. If you feel you want to, maybe 10-20 bucks a person.

Depends on what the installers look like and how athletic you are feeling.

Um....I tipped $0. I didn't even ever think about it really? Do people tip for that? It was a contractor. If it had been a personal friend doing the job or someone I knew...I probably would have. Or if they did something extra to help like move furniture for me I would.

I have a WORST Father's Day contest of sorts going on this week...come check it out!!

No one I know has ever tipped for carpet installation. (We did ours 2 years ago, my parents last year and inlaws did some this year) Do you know how much to tip for a massage? I have a gift certificate I have to use but I don't know massage tip etiquette.

Yeah, um, we just had carpet installed and we didn't tip. Never even crossed our minds.

For Joanne - my stylist and I had a long drunken chat about this years ago, and he said for all spa and salon services, you treat it like a restaurant - 15 - 20% of the cost of the service. You don't need to tip on any product you buy, of course.

Um, I offered them a can of pop. I didn't know you were supposed to tip them. Maybe its an east coast thing???

I've never heard of tipping for carpet. Is that an east coast thing?

My friend once had their carpets steam cleaned and her husband tipped $50.

All of us stylists out here appreciate a tip no matter how much. I know where I work we make a commission of 40% on each service we do (on a $13 haircut that is only a profit of $5.20) and retail products we make 10%.

To my knowledge, tipping for carpet installation or other similar renovations isn't customary in my neck of the woods. We do, however, tip our regular handy-man, who handles much smaller jobs for us, around christmas each year.

Certainly, if you feel inclined to tip for this service, you should give the the amount that feels right to you. Regardless of what may or may not be customary, I'm sure that the fact that you feel inclined to tip, would mean a lot to the recipient.


I had no idea you were supposed to tip a carpet layer. I mean...they quote you a price and then you pay them. I'm confused.

I wouldn't tip.

okay, maybe offer water...or if you're feeling really nice, a can of pop.

Is there anything you aren't suppose to tip for these days?

I've never heard of someone tipping carpet installers.

I say none, they are being paid aren't they?

Now instead of feeling cheap, I want my 10% tip back from our tile installers.

Tip? Really?

How about, "Pull your pants up, I don't have the stomach to look at ass crack today." Well, at least that's what I should have told the dishwasher repair guy.

I will tip $10-20 if they are polite, arrive on time, efficient and clean up after installation.

You don't.

what's that now? Tipping carpet installers? Was I supposed to tip the furnature delivery guys too? 'Cuz I've never done that...

I wouldn't tip for that. Just make sure they have enough to drink. I'd give them lunch, if that's the time of day they're installing the carpet.

House #1 or #2? :D

I think this must be an east coast thing. We've never tipped anybody that we've hired to do work on any of our houses. If they wanted more money they should have included that in their bid.

I would feed them and offer them beverages, if it seemed they were in need of such. My mother-in-law would tip about $50 no matter the cost of the work.

Jesus, I just bought the god damned house, I'm not tipping the carpet layers after paying a mint to have the carpet installed.

I finally made it over from Cactus, and have to say carpet dudes get zilch from us.

You tip? I don't. Really? The carpet guys?

hmmm.... Same as you would for any other services? Just a guess? Never thought of it before. Were the guys cute?

You don't tip carpet guys.

I hate the whole idea of tipping but I still tip 15% to my server, hair stylist and masseuse and NO ONE ELSE. The madness must stop people.

But if my server, hair stylist or masseuse act like I'm totally bothering them by coming into their workplace and receiving their services - they get ZERO. I'm not a jerk and I don't expect to be treated like a queen but damn - don't take it out on me because you hate your job.

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