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I think it involves shaking your booty

We made an offer on a house today. A house so close to perfect, so close to everything that we wanted with a few things we didn't even know we wanted thrown in (like his and hers walk-in closets in the master bedroom, I shit you not) that I am tempted to drive over there, get on my knees and beg the owners to sell it to us.

Everybody start doing the good juju house buying dance for us now, please. Oh, and also the good juju house selling dance, because now we've really gotta make that happen pronto.

(Hey, maybe if you all video tape the dancing, we can have a contest. The world's first internet dance off!)

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We just saw Evan Almighty last night, and he does this dorky, silly dance - I'm thinking this is the dance for this house! Oh, please please, all homebuying deities!

Sell Sell Sell! buy buy buy!!! We just bought our first house ever... I'm so excited! We will have a hot tub... never on our list of things we thought we wanted, but cool! :-)

Good luck!

Honey, I am praying on bended knee right now!

Hey, it took a couple visits, lots of wine and letting a sweet old man hold our baby to get the house we're in now. Sometimes it's the personal touch, yo.

I'll send good juju, but I'll be damned if I'm dancing on a video for you.

Can't I just sing?

I am sending so many good vibes you won't even be able to deal with all of them.

Also, can it be like Pants Off Dance Off? I would TOTALLY do that.

I hope you guys get it!!

Congrats and good luck!!

Congrats and good luck!!

Good luck! I hope you sell quickly and get the house!

Honest to God truth, when we found this house, they were asking way more than we could afford. I wrote a letter to the family selling it telling them about us and why we want the house, etc. It worked! Not that they wouldn't have taken a better offer if it had come (that would be dumb) but they accepted our contingency of having to sell our old house which they originally didn't want to do, as well as a sincere but way low ball offer.

Couldn't hurt - heck, direct them here. They'll take one look at that sweet Mia and offer to help you move!

Fingers and toes all crossed for you (although it's difficult to dance like that).

Eek! Good luck! We're just waiting on a condition to go through before ours is sold - and then I *really* have to find a new place to live!!

What kind of crazy people would sell a house with his and hers closets like that? UNBELIEVEABLE. Oh well for them! I'm pulling for you guys to get it!!! ;)

For when you need a decent voodoo spell...

I've also heard that burying St. Joseph works too. They sell kits at Catholic bookstores. (dude, I am totally serious!) Not being a Catholic myself, I did wonder if it works for non-Catholics. So I did some askin' around. The answer? YES. My friend's MIL, who is Jewish, buried St. Joe in her yard and her house sold the very next day.

Now, I must go do the mentadent experiment and see if I get flashbacks from college. They wouldn't be MY flashbacks of course, they belong to my roomate. ; )

all the luck in the world to you!!!!

* crosses fingers, toes, legs and eyes*

I'm doing the dance but everyone in the office is staring at me...

Good luck! Sending good vibes your way for both the buy and sell!

Good luck! Got everything crossed for you!

Doing the juju for the cactus-fish family. Now the videotaping of the dancing is going to take some bribing...

Like I done tol' Chris, you listen here now, y'hear? Y'all done been prayed over, and that house been prayed over and the juju been workin' from down here in Nafcalina.

And that ends my ridiculously Southern morning.

I agree with Em, write the owners a letter it really does just take a personal touch sometimes. Also if you just tell them to come here I think she is right there as well, they won't just accept your offer they may just help you move =o)

As I told Chris (as my blogroll is in alphabetical order) I am sending thoughts, prayers, and anything else I can think of for both buying and selling of the houses. As for the dance, I'll have to see if D will tape it when he gets home. ;-)

Oh, yay! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Dude, here's hoping you get the house and you sell your house.

(and once the internet makes that happen, let's get my house built. Okay?!)

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