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We've lived in this house for five years, and for nearly all of those five years I have been using a wrench to start my dryer. The start knob broke a week or so after we moved in, so I took one of those clamping wrench thingies and clamped it onto the stem thing where the knob used to be. And there it stayed, for years. It worked just like the knob did, was always there, you just shoved it over to the right to start the dryer. Occasionally, Chris made off with my dryer knob in the name of some home improvement project or other. He learned fairly quickly though that he had better return my dryer knob or face my wrath.

A year or so ago the stem thing broke so that I could no longer leave the wrench clamped to it. In order to start the dryer I had to reach in with the tips to grab the stem. In another few weeks, I think I would have needed to switch to needle nose pliers. However, since I didn't think my ingenious system would appeal to potential buyers, I finally broke down and decided I ought to figure out how to fix it. It took $35 and 5 minutes of work, and I didn't even flood the basement the way I did when I fixed the washer.

In the last couple of days, I've done a lot of things like that - fixed little things around the house that I always swore I would get to someday but never did. Like repainting the kitchen from where we removed the blinds when we replaced the doors before Mia was born. (And let me tell you, that was a fiasco in and of itself, but at least now it is done.) And on Tuesday, the carpet guys are going to fix all the squeaky floorboards upstairs, so we will be able to walk around at will while Mia is sleeping rather than following a complex map of silence developed since her birth to prevent waking her up with the incredibly loud board right inside her door.

I even repainted the master bedroom, which Chris, because he loves me, consented to paint lavender a few years ago and which I have always secretly hated but could not admit after I had lobbied so hard and cashed in so much marital capital in favor of lavender. Now it a light browny beigey color which I expected to despise but really rather like.

It's almost enough to make me wish we weren't moving.

Almost, but not quite.

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I have the EXACT SAME dryer/pliers problem (except we bought it that way! The former owners just shoved the old non-working knob on there and I didn't think to check. Awesome!) I know you're not responding to comments for a while (which I totally get because, wow, time consuming) but if you ever decide to start up again, could you tell me how I could fix it for only $35? I would be forever in your debt.

Lavender? God Bless Chris for not divorcing you. LOL.

Glad you're getting the house put together - isn't it crazy what we really can do when we try? (or we run out of time ?)

(Been lurking for awhile, chiming in more now!!)

YOU ARE AWESOME!! I wish i felt even half as productive as you do...and I wish I would get some commenters on my blog!! Have you been reading it? Does it really suck ass that bad? Ideas??? Suck ass...that is one for Mia to learn!! YOU ROCK!

What? No remodeling/home improvement before & after pictures???

Maybe I need to trick myself into thinking we're moving in order to get some much needed work done around here.

Hmmmmm...I should get on the phone right now to my "pretend" realtor!

We were given an old coin-op drier several years ago. I had to reach in and pull a lever to start it.

Great drier though.

You sure are turning into an expert on home repairs.

We lived with a faulty pilot light on our water heater for TWO winters. I would jump into a shower so cold that it burned, and then have to walk all the way down to the garage in a towel and get down on my knees and fiddle with the gas and a lighter in the freezing cold with the ever-present "this could explode at any moment" danger. When we were getting ready to move, we called someone to fix it for us. $60. I am an idiot.

Isn't it funny how we wait until we move to 'improve' our homes.

Yeesh! Not sure I could have lived with the lavender, but I know what you mean about almost not wanting to leave after the repairs, paint and new carpeting. I felt the same way just before we left our townhome, but looking back, I don't see how we ever managed in that tiny place!

Lavender is calm and awesome.

After we fixed up our house to sell it looks really nice. It's so clean and organized I almost hate to move too. Why we don't keep up with this stuff while we live in a house I don't know. It would be wonderful to only have to tidy things up once in a while. The paint is clean, the carpets cleaned and so on. Enjoy it while you can.

I had a dryer like that once; we reattached an old television knob to it and it worked for a while before doing the same thing!

I'm tired just thinking about all that work.

Have a great weekend.

When we sold our old house we finally painted the living room which had been a color I hated ever since we moved in.

Then I loved the house.

look at you all handy with a knob.


i crack myself up ;)

I was impressed that you were ripping the bathroom floor up, but didnt say anything. I was really impressed when you fixed the washer, but I didnt say anything. Now you fixed the dryer! I have to say you are quite handy.

The dryer in our old apartment had a broken start button that we sort of duct taped in to place. I was half convinced I was going to get electrocuted every time I used it. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who puts up with stupid appliance problems for years.

That's exactly what we said too when we fixed up everything to sell. Wow, this place is amazing! ... ... I can't wait to move.

I tried to get terra cotta for our kitchen by starting with beige and colorwashing orange over it. But not a regular orange, I had to mix in just the right amount of white. Gah - I didn't quite hate it when it was done, but boy did I wish I had an interior designer friend. Or even someone with decent color sense.

PS - yay! for you on the handywoman skills - I installed the tank cover on my motorcycle and was proud for days even though it just required taking screws out and pieces off and on. But it was an allen wrench-screw thingy, so that makes it better, yes?

I'm so impressed. I didn't realize that you were this handy.

My favorite color is purple. Our joke for years is that we are going to get a shade of purple approved when we repaint the outside of our house. Since we don't intend to stay here much longer, I think it's a bad idea.

We've been stuck with the pink house since we bought this house in 1998.

I'm tired for you both. Hope selling the house goes quickly, so that your not in limbo for long.

This makes me want to spring into all of those projects that I have been neglecting since the week after we moved in...
...thanks for that. ;)

It's funny how you thought all those neutral colors were ugly when you were young. Our new bedroom is a khaki color, which we were going to repaint, and I pretty much looked at it and said "eh, fuck it." Because I do like the color, and I can live with it, and bonus, any damn comforter we choose will match it nicely.

That and Designed to sell always said neutral colors sell best.

I KNOW we just moved in, but I'm thinking ahead. GOD.

Good for you! You are a Super Woman! And it's great to find out something that needs fixing is easy enough to do, but can't you just kick yourself for not getting to it before?!

BTW - next, you should write a post involving either pantyhose or the garden hose - title it "Hoser". Hah! That would be funny. Maybe. K - bye!

Good for you! You are a Super Woman! And it's great to find out something that needs fixing is easy enough to do, but can't you just kick yourself for not getting to it before?!

BTW - next, you should write a post involving either pantyhose or the garden hose - title it "Hoser". Hah! That would be funny. Maybe. K - bye!

You've inspired me to go home and fix all those little things I've been meaning to fix for years.

I think everyone has to do that sort of thing. We are fine with it for ourselves, but we'd never BUY something in that condition. Humans are just bizarre.

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