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Mia Monday #73: Mia Meets Payton Edition

And if that wasn't quite enough for you, there's one more here.

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Can you die from cuteness?

Oh that is the sweetest thing ever (unless of course this was your very own baby).

Adorable baby.

And I love Mia's dress and hair. Tres mod.

I found that being an aunt was nearly as good as being a mom. Congrats!

Is there anything cuter than a baby holding a baby?

At least when you're looking at the picture and not sitting next to them hyperventilating because the baby's holding the baby.

Aww. She's a good little baby-holder!

Awh thats lovely. And I LOVE that dress she has on. Meghan doesn't have enough dresses at the moment. I really need to buy more. That and shoes.

So freakin' adorable, I think my heart skipped a few beats.

So precious - and really, even being a stand-in auntie has been the joy of my life, so I imagine being the real thing is like whipped cream and chocolate. And Mia's dress - I am drooling, I want a grown up version of all those yummy colors.

Okay, your website hates me, and eats my comments.

I'm taking it personally, of course!

Anyway - I love the sweetness busting out of these pictures. Yay for being an aunt, and for Mia having a cousin! I have NO girl cousins, and I am sure they will have fun together, eventually. Also, Mia's dress is just yummy - I love those colors!

Oh my goodness! Cute overdose! The baby is beautiful and Mia is gorgeous. That dress is da bomb!

Mia's dress and shoes are nearly as adorable as she is!!! Those two girls are going to have some fun together.

Those girls are lucky to be able to grow up together. I think they'll be just the best of friends. Adorable pics.

How beautiful! Did you in your mind think (just for a split second) "awww...I want another one"? Congrats on being an Aunt and Mia's dress IS gorgeous! (like she is) Is it online somewhere? (I have a cousin that has a little girl-would be a great gift) Department store? Target?

are you lactating yet?

Aw hello pretty girls :-) So freakin adorable. My ovaries hurt :P

way way way too cute.

SO cute! I love that even other babies can't resist the lure of sweet newborn head.

And really, I must know where that dress is from. It's lovely.

Stumbled across your post and I have to say that Mia is adorable and I can imagine her little sis is quite a cutey too! Congratulations!

PS - I randomly picked one of the links on your blogroll and it turned out to be your husband's - tell him he picked a great name for his site :)

Very sweet. Mia looks like such a little lady in that pretty dress and sandals.

Adorable pics! And I see Miss Mia is sporting a nice little tan these days!

The sweetnes here is enough for me to skip the sugar in my coffee..and I like my sugar! Love Mia's are making good on your desire to use this summer as the summer of cute dresses!

I think Mia is cuuuteee. She can be a TV commercial star.

OMG! Such beautiful pictures! I love the fact that she got to hold the baby (with assistance). I can see the wonder in her face...too good... Thanks for sharing. Really needed this today!

Awwww. Nothing cuter than a baby being held by a cute toddler...

Ohhhh, beautiful! :)

Her dress totally matches the decor!

And, how do you stand the cuteness? She truly is gorgeous.

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