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Mia Monday #74: Mia Finally Has Some Fun Edition

Poor Mia has spent most of the past two weeks watching me pack boxes or tape rooms to be painted, although she did have her gym class and two playdates last week, so I guess she isn't doing too badly. Today I promised her that if she helped me work in the morning we would go to the swings in the afternoon. She opted to take Pooh on a very long walk instead.

She chose the turquoise socks herself, as she generally does. And Pooh is wearing a cloth diaper, also at her insistence. Leah will be so proud of Mia.

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That is a slammin' outfit. Lucky Pooh! I want to get pushed around in a stroller.

Okay, maybe not.

Awwwwww! I LOVE POO! And, I love Mia! So, this is perfect! :)

How beautiful she is. Great hat. She is fashionable.

I know the stroller is propotional, but Mia looks like such a big girl standing behind it.



Oh she is so adorable!!!

I am always proud of Mia for being so awesome and adorable. But the cloth diaper is totally the icing on the Adorableness Cake.

I love how serious she is! Taking Pooh for a walk is a very important task, you know.

hey i love her dress! pooh is sooo lucky! hehehee my kisses to mia& pooh.

Clearly Mia takes being adorable very seriously.

And I LOVE the hat - it totally makes the outfit! (And the socks don't hurt!)

ADORABLE!! Someday soon you'll be all moved and done painting :)

That is so cute. Next time you take Pooh for a walk, let me know and I'll bring Meghan along.

(he...haley loves poo...sorry, i had to.)

isabella has these monkeysocks...i was actually going to post about them tomorrow...they are size 0-6 months and she wears them every day. i can't get her to wear anything else.

she's gorgeous. what a face.


She is one of those kids that are so cute you wish they were yours so you could hug them whenever you wanted to :) Okay, I've gotta go hug my babies in their sleep now!

I love her outfit! Totally cute as always!

She is so adorable! We love those long walks too!

Now if only the kids would walk fast enough for Mommy to get some exercise ... then we'd be golden!

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