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Mia Monday #76: Mia's Garden Edition

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Awww...very cute.

Number 3 makes me snicker, looks like the bird.

Awww...very cute.

Number 3 makes me snicker, looks like the bird.

Looks like there is a bird in the rock garden too!
She is getting so grown up! The big 2 is defiantly showing...

I love the 2nd and the forth pic. So adorable!

Good luck on the house bid too!

are those actual booboos or does she just like wearing band-aids? i had to hide the band-aids from my sister when she was about this age because she treated the things like stickers. she plastered them on everything!

Adorable ~ although I, too, thought she was maybe flippin' the bird in the one pic...and I questioned the band-aids as well. She is so sweet in the second one...were you giving her cues like, "Okay, Miabean, now give me contemplative...great."

Waiting anxiously about house offer ~ any ideas when you'll know?

She is such a beautiful little girl! She looks so sweet, I cant believe she would ever be in a bad mood. LOL! The garden looks wonderful she will have a lot of fun visiting it. Good luck on the house! Sounds like you found one! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

So cute. #2 is my favorite. At first glance, I also thought she was giving us the bird in the thrid photo.

Adorable, I espcially like the bandaids on the knees! That is adorable!

Just adorable !

Seems to be unanimous on the "bird".

Beautiful baby girl!

She's a little angel with chubby cheeked. My favorite is #2 & #3.

What happen with her legs? They were band aids on it.

What's up with the plain old bandaids? Poor Mia cannot even have some Elmo bandaids? What a sad, deprived life she leads. Once again, I have serious pigtail envy.

hmmm.... could this be near the dream house?

She looks so sleepy in the second picture!

So cute, as usual :-) I love the way she's walking away in the last one and just awww.

Is she showing you something in the 3rd one? Did she arrange the rocks by her feet?

Double scraped legs? That girl gets around! Love, love, love the Mia Garden. I have two acres of DIRT spotted with a few tumbleweeds. I've got serious envy of the green!
You will let us know when we can quit doing the good-luck dance and uncross our various appendages, yes?

I have said, loudly and often, that my kids are the cutest kids ever; but seriously, that baby of yours sometimes makes me re-think that statement.

Oy!!! ...says it all! :)

OMG Random! Our little one has those exact same pink shoes. We got them at Target for $8.

She looks so grown-up! And that garden is lovely.

I love the 2nd one, where she is sitting on the rock, working out the troubles of the world. Lovely.

The finger already?

She is so out of Eden.

heh heh

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