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No time for a title

People, life is insane. We are trying to get our house on the market and do the eight million things that requires and also have a little family time with our remaining vacation and then, as if there weren't enough going on, my brother and his wife went and made a baby.

She's fabulous, first or what I'm sure will be many pictures is here.

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Awwww..... your brand new niece is adorable! Can't wait to see pictures of her and Mia together.

Congrats to Aunt Beth, Uncle Chris and Cousin Mia! Also to your brother and his wife :)

I'm so glad to hear the baby's doing okay...I'm sure they were a little worried. What a cutie! I really like her name to.

Congratulations to everyone! She's adorable and looks so big for 5 weeks early - absolutely perfect. Were they sure about the due date? I ask because I have a friend who's daughter was 5 weeks early and she was SO tiny and fragile. Anyhoo - good luck with the house. We're about a month behind you so tips are appreciated!

Congrats on your new Auntdom! Good luck with the house. It sounds like you're going to be a little busier over the next few months.

Ohhhh she's so cute. Love the name too. Enjoy being an auntie. I've got two nieces and it completly rocks.


So did you decide on the house yet?

She's adorable! It's good when life intervenes like that...and not the pipes bursting. ;-)

Congratulations Aunt Beth and Uncle Chris! Mia will just love having a little cousin. Payton is adorable.

Wow! What a cute baby! Congrats to all around!!!


A cute new little friend for Mia Bean. ;p

So, so cute. New babies are the best.

Congrats! She's beautiful. Not helping my baby fever here. Ouch, I feel it in my ovaries.

She's just scrumptious. And I'm sending y'all good thoughts as everything goes topsy-turvy - eeek! moving! Selling a house! It's craziness!

Congrats! She's unbelievable sweet. And tiny! Give those baby toes and kiss for me.

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