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Oh yeah

We totally got the house. You may congratulate me now.

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HURRAH! That's fabulous!

Congrats!!!!I am so excited for you guys, and seething w/ jealousy! I want to move.

Congrats, Beth! This is totally awesome.

We moved last November into our dream house. It was so worth it (although we were sad at the time leaving the home our then 15 month old took his first steps in etc.)

Fast forward 7 months - it was so worth it! He loves having a back yard and loads of room to spread his mess around!

I am thrilled for you! :-D




So I can stop the one dance, but I'll double-time the other one. Off I go. . . .

Hellooo neighbor! Yay!



So I can stop the one dance, but I'll double-time the other one. Off I go. . . .





YEA!!!! Congratulations!

Awesome! Great job! You are supreme house hunting MACHINES Baby! Now go have yourself a glass of wine (and sparkling juice for Chris, or something he likes??) and celebrate! Woot!


when do you close?!

CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting. It sounds amazing. Pictures will follow sometime, right? So happy for you. And jealous of the closets. Sounds fabulous!


So happy for you all.

Congratulations to all of you! Good luck on the next several weeks. There's a reason MOVE is a 4-letter word. :)

YES! That's completely awesome - congrats!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for all of you, especially Mia.

**doin' a little elaine dance in celebration**

Woo Hoooooo! Now setting vibes on to selling Current House....

SHUT UP! You guys, that's so awesome! Congratulations!! (Naturally, we want pictures...)

I will breathe a big sigh of relief for you. Congrats!

Wow. And without plying the guy with liquor and a cute baby? Clearly you're awesome.

Yay! Yippee! Congratulations!!

Yay! Yippee! Congratulations!!

YAY! CONGRATS!!! When do you get to move?

that's wonderful. congratulations!!

yippee!!!!! So cool. Can't wait to see pictures of the new place. You should definately take pictures before and after you decorate!


There's nothing else to say but...HOORAY!

I'm so happy for the whole Cactus-Fish family. You deserve every good thing!

Congrats! Have fun moving!

Fine...congrats! Glad everything worked out on the buying end. Good luck with your house sale - hope it goes quickly!

Happy dance time!!

Wooo-hoooo! Congratulations! Mia will love her new yard.

Yay!!!! That is so wonderful!! Congratulations and many hopeful, happy, happenin' thoughts going out to ya for the sale of your place.

OMG! I am over the moon about the house. I'm very behind on my commenting, but I'm trying to catch up. So glad for the good news!

Congrats! Hope that all of the inspections and signings go smoothly and you guys are painlessly in there ASAP!!

and oh yeah

That's great news! Congratulations!

Whew! It's good to know that the poor sacrificial goat didn't die for nothing!

THAT TOTALLY ROCKS!! Very happy for you...

So happy for you all. Please give us details when time and energy permits.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It's so exciting to get the house you wanted!!!!!!!!

A hearty congratulations to ya! We need pics! =]

What great news. I'm sure all the fingers, toes, and eyes crossed around the blogosphere contributed.

Trying again. I think it ate my congratulation.

Yay! Congratulations!


Hope all goes as smoothly.


Truly good news!

Congratulations - Here's hoping you'll be posting some pictures soon.


Way to go. Congratulations! When's the housewarming party?


Ofcourse, now I have throw out all my stalking data and start all over again.

Congratulations! Now the fun can begin!

Congratulations! So happy to hear this news! Can't wait to read all about the packing and moving. I'm sure it will make for some great stories from you and Chris!


I am late to the entry but congratulations, that is so exciting! I househunt all the time in the States - even though I am in London and not moving back to the States for a year! Houses are exciting, enjoy it!

Congrats! Very exciting! Now the fun stuff begins! Hopefully Chris is tolerable to move with, because my husband is not, and I have to say it makes things much harder than they need to be. Good luck!

Yay, yay, yay! We are one powerful group of juju dancers! :-)

Congratulations! Now the closing period - which to me is the worst part. Coming from someone who has closed (both buying and selling) way too many times.


Yoo Hooo!! Congratulations.

Yay! Ayaayayayayyaayay!

Fantastic! Congrats!

WooHOOO!!! Yes yes yes!!!

Yeah!!!! Congrats!

Dude, congratulations!


And, not to freak you out or anything, but I just realized that part of your "Sucky" post was interwoven into a dream I had recently. In it, my boyfriend and I were looking for houses to buy (which is odd, because that is so not something we are up to yet). We were in a great house that cost 2.5 million dollars (which is also odd, because I do not think we will ever, EVER have that much money). (And how random are 2.5 Mill. dollars???) The downside was that, you guessed it, the entire backyard was basically a creek. And I said to the Real Estate agent: This is a great house and all, but in a few years we will probably want kids and then this house will be of no use to us. To which my boyfriend said: "Who is talking about kids??? I want THIS house, now!" And the dream ended with my saying: "You want to buy a house for 2.5 MILLLION DOLLARS that will be useless to us in a few years???"

And that was my dream. Very random and sorry if I bored you. I just thought you'd like to know that your house buying stories have influenced the dreams of a college girl in Austria, who is now very confused about why the hell she is dreaming of things like buying houses and having babies...

Congrats!!! How awesome, I am so happy for the 3 of you. :)

I'll start doing my sale-of-your-current-house dance now, k?

Yay Yard! Yay Closets! YAY CACTUS-FISH FAMILY!!!

CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome news. :)

So happy to hear this news -- congratulations!! (I'm still keeping extremities crossed until you sell the first house, so please keep us posted.

Yay! I am so very pleased for you guys.

that's great.


Yay for getting the house you wanted! I hope that yours sells quickly!

super de duper great news! congrats.

WOOHOO! Congratulations!

Yay! Plus you have more comments than Chris. Double bonus.



Congratulations! It was about a year ago that my family did the same thing, so I know what a relief it can be!

Woohoo! That's great news. Good luck with the move and selling your house.

Congratulations! I have been reading daily and wondering something...please please forgive me if I have somehow missed the memo on this.

What is it that you decided you wanted in a house that you didn't have in your old one? This questions sounds very much like "why the hell are you moving?" but really I don't mean it like that. Is it the neighborhood? The four bathrooms? If you have already addressed this somewhere, please direct me. Again, congratulations!

Congratulations!!! I am sure you dread the whole move thing though!

Congratulations! That is great!

Woot! Congratulations.

Yay! How exciting! Hooray for the Cactus Fish family!

Yay! Congratulations!

I know I'm a little late to the party - but Congrads!!!

CONGRATS! You must be so excited. From someone who's been house-hunting for a year and a half - I'm a little jealous, but that's awesome for you guys!!

Fantastic news, Congratulations!

Now cross your fingers for us... we've just put in our third and final offer on a house we've dubbed 'The Slum' (we've made a token increase in price from our last offer) and will hopefully find out today or tomorrow.

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy for you!! I hope moving goes smoothly and that you sell your house soon.

Congratulations and all the best on your route to making a whole new set of memories for you and your family...

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