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Oooohhhh.... scruffy

Hotty McBankTellersons is experimenting with a new facial hair pattern. Have I mentioned that already? When I saw him yesterday, if felt like a revelation, but now that I am typing it up I feel I may have known that already and previously filled you in on this amazing development. Anyway, just in case not, Hotty McBankTellersons previous facial hair philosophy was "don't go there," which I generally appreciate as I feel very few men can really pull off the facial hair thing and also, it tickles. His new approach is a close-cropped mustache/beard combo that works for him. I might even be willing to overlook the tickle.

All that aside, when I hit the drive thru at the bank yesterday, Hotty McBankTellersons gave me three lollipops. And one of them was a "mystery flavor." Which totally means that he wants me. Poor man, he must be just heartbroken that I am married and therefore unattainable.

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Some men can carry the scruff and some can't... my husband looks like an alien to me without his scruff...

You may be unobtainable, but he can always dream. :-)

I am always in the scruffy side of the camp - as long as it's well done, and not all Jeremiah Johnson. But three suckers?! Yeah, he wants you.

When you move to a new house, are we still going to get Hotty McBankTeller updates, or will you be switching banks? I think you owe it to us, I mean yourself, to drive the extra miles to his branch for a "hotty fix."

Well I'm still single so pls send him over my way! :)

Sounds like he's going for the George Michael look, and you know what that means:

200 pounds of gay in a 170-pound body.

Sorry to crush you like that, but it's probably for the best.

OK...first thought...he is envisioning you eating that sucker as he gradually grows....ok enough already!
You HAVE to use your cell phone cam to snap a pic of this guy!! So UNFAIR!! Just be subtle about it...though yesterday at dinner I REALLY wanted to snap a pic of an Afican American man who was a church preacher wearing a purple suit (the color of your blog background) with two shades lighter purple ALLIGATOR SHOES!! Though my husband forbid me to do it! This is the same husband that jokoes he is naming our first born Satan, I coulda brought that up to the preacher and snapped a pic dont you think?

i'm not anti facial hair...but it has to the RIGHT facial hair. my husband could NEVER pull it off :)

Did you give the lollipops to mia?

My husband has the close-cropped facial hair. I like it - it makes him look older (one of those baby face types).

What ever will you do when you move? The bank won't be nearly so convenient!

Ooooh - I love love love! facial hair on a guy. Two lollipops plus a mystery flavor one? Totally a message!

(PS - I also love the Hotty McBankTellersons updates and vote for the longer trip to keep up with him. Oh, and a picture. JPG!)

Tell us, do you make up excuses to go to the bank now? "ooh look! I found a $20 bill in my jeans pocket! Better go deposit that ASAP!" Hee hee....

I'm such a terrible driver that I honestly thought you collided with the drive through portion of the bank and Hotty was giving you lollipops to make you feel better. Since no one else seems to be mentioning it, I'm going to assume the car is fine :)

I can't imagine Forrest going back to the "don't go there" stage. He's just so hott with his beard... plus, I kinda like the tickle. :)

I wish that I had a Hotty McBankTellerson.

My drive through banker is someone who hardly speaks English. He's a nice enough guy. I mean - he's handled any question I've ever had with great ease. It's just a shame I can't understand a damn thing he says.

But three lollipops!! That's serious. He's taking things to the next level.

It makes me think of my eye dr. Dr Super Cute. Once a year isn't nearly enough to go to the eye dr.

It makes me think of my eye dr. Dr Super Cute. Once a year isn't nearly enough to go to the eye dr.

Does he know you are moving and therefore probably switching banks?

He will be devestated.

Omigosh!!! Mystery flavour????? He TOTALLY wants you!!!! Ha! Poor guy. I feel sorry for him now.

I seriously cracked up.

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