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*Slaps forehead*

Mia spent all morning whining at me about something. I couldn't figure out what it was, she kept saying "Mia something" and I couldn't understand her, had no idea what that second word could be. It didn't help that she was employing the famous toddler method of speaking in a tone of voice that makes everything unintelligible and, as a bonus, after a while makes you want to rip your own arm off and beat yourself to death with it.

I kept trying to reason with her, telling her that Mama couldn't understand her because she was whining and that if she would just speak to me in her regular voice I might have a fighting chance to figure out whatever the hell she had been going on about for three hours. She kept whining, and I kept cajoling and lecturing and begging her to either enunciate or get over herself already. No luck, no joy. I did finally figure it out though.

She was saying "Mia whining."

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Ugh. That's the WORST!! Total slap to the forehead! I couldn't figure out for the longest time that meeu (but sounds like a dying cat)was MILK!

I think the kid wanted to kill me when I kept suggesting: "Use your words!" and he was thinking "dammit lady! I! am!"

who know that tiny tots could be so surreal?

Grroooaaaannnnn. I've had that day. "I'm crying, Mommy, I'm crying!" "But WHY are you crying?" "Because I'm CRYING!" Oh. Well that I can totally fix.

Congratulations on the house!!!!!

Love it! Thanks for speaking truth and making me chuckle, Mia.
Congrats on the house!

You are lucky at least that Mia has words to say. My little man still has just a few words and has been crying in a whiny way lately. He will be two in less than a month, when will his explosion of words come?
Congratulations on the house!

The whiiiiiiiining.


I've gotten that lately too. Ally will be crying and I ask her why. She says "I'm just too sad". Well, duh. But why is she sad? "Because I'm crying"

heeheehee. I know it's not funny.... but it's just so funny.

I'm totally going to start running around saying things like "Kait is whining!" or "Kait is crying because she is just really sad" or something. It will be excellent fun (until my husband kills me).

You know, kids that aren't your own are so darned cute!

Well, at least she knows when she is doing it! Hee hee!!! Congratulations on the house!!!!

Oh dear. I was looking forward to Bridget starting to speak, but maybe not.... Well, at least you figured it out.

Surprisingly accurate child-speak! Pretty cute, when you don't have to hear it all day ;-)

We're having a whiney day here today too. My beast is popping her bottom molars and I think it's even worse than when she cut the top ones. Nothing, nothing, nothing will make her happy.

It's at the end these days that I am ever so thankful for fermented grapes!!

Oh dear. That is too dang cute.

That is great!
Congrats on the house. I hope you have great neighbors!

She's even cute when she whines.

Hilarious. If you keep a baby book, you must record this for posterity. "Mia whining" will be a great story to tell someday.

Hee! I tell Lilli: I can't understand you when you're whining.

How funny! Mia cracks me up.

the kids...the are so funny :)

I'll just say it for you...


Bwa ha ha! So cute when the child in question isn't yours.

oh! how silly of you! Mia whining! how kind of her to let you know! :)

Hahaha! FreezeM told me Mia called him today and left a voicemail message. How cute. And how expensive!

Well, ain't that a kick in the pants?!

If I could tear limbs off and beat myself with them, I, along with half the staff at Target, my husband, parents, sister and a really pleasant waitress at Applebee's would be limbless bodies, blowing in the wind.

Now that was funny!

I hate that voice. I would much rather have the screaming, yelling, ballistic, head popping off voice any day.

LOL. You knew, but you had no idea that Mia knew too.

When kids get tantrums, it's time to bolt for the other direction. *lol* Kidding! But that was funny. You spent time to reason with her, to make her talk to you and when yopu finally figured out what she said... It was just that. *l* How is it that kids can get away with being annoying yet cute?

I guess she calls 'em like she sees 'em.

Did she ever let you know what Mia was whining about?

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