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So you know

Honey Teddy Grahams dipped in cream cheese and followed by brushing your teeth with whatever flavor of Mentadent I have at the moment tastes exactly like pot.

Not that I would know, or anything.

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Now people (not me, of course) will have something to claim when they get caught with "pot" on their breath.

(I still wanna type "duck")

Did you know that we do not get mentadent here?
Or pot.

Alright alright we get pot here....not that I would know or anything.

Funny, I was just saying to my husband that I miss the good ol' days of high school and pot.

oh wow, and it would be safe while pregnant, too...

you're so crazy! ;)

At least now I'll never have to wonder what pot tastes like.

I'm so glad you realized that this discovery was worth a post. hilarious!

I would not know what pot tastes like either.

Really?!? I need to go try that. I know what pot SMELLS like, but not sure about the taste.

teddy grahams in cream cheese? really? it's good?

But how does it make you feel?

Becuase if it is just minty fresh...

I've never hard teddy grahams in cream cheese. Interesting combo. Especially if it tastes like pot when you pair it with Mentadent.

*runs to the pantry*

*and the bathroom*

*but not in a bad way*

I don't like pot (not that I would know, or anything) but I must admit I'm tempted to try cream cheese-dipped Teddy Grahams with a Mentadent chaser.

You know, it's the not so much the TASTE of pot that I miss. Geez it's been a long time. (And by long I mean NEVER, of course. Um yeah. Never.)

Been there. Done that....

I discovered that cold latte mixed with trident fresh mint gum also tastes exactly like pot. Not that I have personal experience with this ;)

I also thought it blogworthy at the time:

Really? Interesting combo!

Yeah... but the affect isn't the same. ;) Let us know when you find a food/dental hygene combo that hits you with a buz! You could sell it on the black market; and then take your multiple deposits to Hottie McBank Tellersons... genius, I tell you.

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