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Hey, you know what's really annoying? Finding a totally adorable house that would be absolutely perfect for you except for one thing that makes it impossible. Like having no yard. Or better yet, having no yard because what would be yard is taken up by a large creek bed. Can you imagine? A maniac toddler and a creek just steps from the house? I would have to chain Mia to me at all times and would still probably need constant sedation just to maintain my sanity. Not gonna happen, but man it was a cute house.

Or yeah, another really great house we looked at except that it was painted in Redskins colors (burgundy and gold, of all horrible things), which you could almost overlook because paint is just paint, right?, but had 30 foot sound walls in the backyard because it was right on the highway. Even that you might overlook for an otherwise perfect house, if there weren't a 20 foot gap in those sound walls which would allow the previously mentioned maniac toddler to toddle right out and play in 65 mile an hour traffic.

Plus, nobody has come to see my house since Sunday (are you idiots? My house is adorable!) but I still have to make sure it is spotless every time we leave, just in case, and someone around here is incapable of picking up their own shoes, and it isn't the one you think because that's the one who believes that putting shoes away in the closet is the height of entertainment. But really, have you ever seen what a toddler can do to a house? I go to pee and the house goes from perfect to disaster. Apparently I just need to stop peeing.

Groan. I'm boring and whiny. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

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Oh, I hated that. We found the perfect house last time we were in the market. Gorgeous kitchen, huge bedroom, things we didn't even know we wanted but once we saw them we couldn't live without them. It was that one in a million house that both of us just absolutely fell in love with.

The kicker? The (admittedly) small backyard backed up to a green space. Filled with power lines. The huge kind that destroy any view and make you think about nasty things like cancer clusters.

I actually thought about it for longer than I should have. The thing that cured me was one afternoon I went and drove by to covet the house and think about it. I didn't want to appear stalkerish (or anymore than I already had) so I drove around the back street and parked where I could see the back of the house. And realized that the power lines completely interrupted my radio reception. If it does that to the radio, what would it do to me, the husband, the dog...


Yeah. I'm glad I stopped by.

A creek in my backyard sounded really good to me, but then I remembered how it would have sounded about 8 years ago when I had two toddlers running around...and suddenly the creek didn't seem like such a good idea.

Aw, sorry sweetie. It'll get better :-)

...i'm actually getting happier by the day that we aren't moving. the husband should give you a cookie or something. he's so pleased that i don't want to move anymore!

If you are speaking of the beltway, saying they drive 65 is a gift... either you don't move, or you are doing 80. :P

Good luck on the hunting and the selling.

hahaha... yes, i'm glad i stopped by. i saved you as a favorite a while back without reading much but maybe the entry at the top of the page.. but i knew then that i'd enjoy reading whatever you happened to type. and i was right.

thanks for making me laugh today. my boss tried to make me feel like i was an inch tall and completely worthless and you made me forget about that. well, until i typed it - of course. :grin:

thank you. and best wishes on selling your house AND finding a new one that meets all of your criteria.

We are all entitled to our boring whiney days, especially when house hunting. Makes me want a cookie just thinking about it.

Yes, finding the perfect house, sucks, when there's only one or two things stopping you from diving right in!

We bought a house with a.. LAKE, but luckily its in the front. We keep front door locked [no one ever really uses it anyway] and it has an alarm that sounds when it is opened. The back yard is fenced and locked for the kids to play in. Still, that doesn't mean I can turn my back for long.

Keep looking! That perfect house is out there!

Can I whine that my kid who always naps at daycare has been refusing to nap for me for a month! I am so sick of it.

You'll find a house.

NOT TO MENTION all of the mosquitoes that would come along with the creek. Who wants EEE! Or Malaria! Nothing says BBQ quite like insect borne illnesses and incessant humming.

We saw a lovely house today. Perfect for us. Steps from the lake. Except that, between the house and the lake, is a major thoroughfare.


It's those little things like drowning and traffic hazards that take the fun out of house hunting, eh? We're in the same boat as you, selling (God help us) and buying, and I'm having a hard time writing anything that doesn't mention the house topic. It consumes you, doesn't it?

We couldn't afford much during our house hunt a few years ago so it all came down to how many people had been shot on that block within the past five years and just how big of a hole in the floor was "too big."

Good luck with the hunt and with selling. I look forward to the updates.

I grew up a 5 minute walk from the ocean. Until I was 8 my mother kept me tethered to he because I said I wanted to swim to the Vineyard. I did take lessons, and I am a strong swimmer, even now.
Too bad though. I'm home.

Off the subject, but - Happy 23 months to Mia!!

You know, they do make adult diapers so I guess you really could stop wasting valuable cleaning time by going to the bathroom.

I live your nightmare daily. We're going on almost 90 days of our place being on the market in the "hottest" neighborhood in Chicago. I've heard that it's a 6 month market. Don't know how the real estate market is where you are. Hopefully better!

I'm sorry for the situation. You'll get a great house. Don't worry.

My sis just went through this with my adorable yet completely irrational and seemingly deaf niece. She just started taking Nic to the bathroom with her or locking her into a small room before she peed. It wasn't fun. Here's to a speedy sale!

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