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The thought that counts

Me: What do you want for Father's Day?
Him: I don't know. What do you want to get me for Father's Day?
Me: I was thinking a blow job.
Him: Ok. And a card. A blow job and a card.
Me: Maybe I could put the blow job in the card.
Him: Well, you could cut a hole in it...
Me: I was thinking more like a 20 and directions.
Him: Great. So I'll spend Father's Day getting mugged on my way to a cheap blow job from a 50 year old hooker.
Me: Well, if you are going to get picky, I could probably do 40.
Him: Great.
Me: I'd gas up the car.
Him: Perfect.
Me: And print out Mapquest.
Him: Done.

At least I don't have to go shopping.

On a somewhat related note, head over here today if you want to learn about Mia's newest word.

Comments (22)

I'm am blushing just thinking about your mom reading this.

I love it!

Now I KNOW I want to be your friend?

Just read Sarah's comment. So your mom really read your blog? Oh.. ;p I couldn't imagine what her comment will be.

LOL. That sounds so much like something I would say.

I think that's perfectly acceptable since you have been so busy getting things ready for the big day ~ I have been cringing when I read about you getting your house ready because we are looking at putting our house on the market in about a year.

I don't know any guy who would turn down a blow job for Father's Day...especially if the card is heartfelt and touching. :)

Hmmm - that's what the hubby asked me for Father's Day. He even said I could outsource it - I'm too busy keeping our house clean for showings.

thanks for the great idea!! :)

and who says men aren't simple creatures?

Sounds perfectly acceptable to me!

Awesome :) way to b creative! hope he likes it!!
LoL u 2 are just too much fun!!

Chris is not your father and so the present should not come from you, it should come from his child. Ask Mia to help find the cheap hooker. :) After all you seem to enjoy expanding her vocabulary... :-D

Aw, how sweet. It's like a Hallmark card just waiting to happen.

... furiously taking notes here!

Hahaha! Sometimes you shock me, Beth! And I'm from a country where it is like impossible to shock a person. Like Sarah, I wonder if your mom is reading this! But very funny. LOL :)

Too funny!

wonder if I should suggest this to my mom when she was wondering what to get my dad...
I know I'm taking notes for the future.

Instead of following the link, I'm just going to assume that it has something to to with oral sex from elderly hookers. It's much more entertaining that way.

LMAO! I'm with Sarah on this one. All I could think about was the fact that you're mother will probably read this! haha

Ok, guessing your mom hasn't found this site yet.

Wow, that sounds very similar to what my dh said to me today when I asked. I said the gift I wanted to get him was $250 in which he replied, "that sounds cheap, is she hot?"

I'm surprised Hallmark hasn't launched a line of blow job cards. Maybe instead of those musical cards, they should enclose some kneepads. Those would be *so* much more handy than a 15-second rendition of "Macho Man."

I know I'm not the only one planning to steal this idea.

Thanks. One less thing to shop for this weekend.

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