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Thoughts upon rewiring light switches

Why in the hell does the world need two different kinds of screwdriver? There's just no good reason for that.

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there are actually 3 (standard/slot, philips/star, robertson/square) and the reason for lack of standardization is that the US chose the philips despite the fact that the robertson is a superior one and is standard in most of europe and the rest of the free world

kinda like the metric system


And you KNOW a man came up with it!

That is a very good question.

Oh my! There is a THIRD kind? Holy crap, I never knew that. Wow, Beth, your blog is entertaining AND educational.

I have always pondered this while searching for the "other damn screwdriver". You know the opposite of the one you need, which is alwys the one I have. Weird.

SciFi Dad, you really know your screwdriver history. Very manly, indeed.

Pays to have one of those Black & Decker cordless SmartDrivers with the interchangeable bits. Way handy and has great power/torque.

And Home Depot has 'em for about $40. Well worth it.

pretty sure there are more than two ...?

but, yeah, who needs 'em.

SciFi Dad, I am so going to impress the hell out of my husband with this information. And this is going to come up in conversation sooner than later because:
a) we just moved into a new place and are still in the middle of baby-proofing, installing new closet organization, etc.
b) we are going to Europe for 2 weeks in July

I can't wait to act all Cliff Claven!

My husband thinks they should outlaw straight screws ...he hates them! You know the one with the single line.

Why have 2 types?

No, there is not. A man came up with THAT idea.

I have been pondering on that question myself. My guess? Home depot wants you two buy two sets of screwdrivers!

I don't need any - that is what Bryan is for! ;)

it gives men something to talk about at the hardware store.

This I have often wondered.

what is this of which you speak?
i know of only one type and it sure tastes smooth goin' down :)

I was going to tell you there were three kinds and no matter what we need the screwdriver for, it's the one we need that we can't find.

Hope you have a great weekend and your house is snapped up quickly.

How can you have "+" without "-"? You need both!

You need to buy the type of screwdriver I is reversible so you can just remove the metal part, flip it over and you have the regular "straight" head or the philips head in seconds. Save a lot of "now where did I put it" searching.

Actually, there are even more than three. Don't forget about the Allen/hexagonal kind in do-it-yourself furniture! And there are a bunch of different kinds used in manufacturing.

Still irritating, though.

To hell with finding the "other" screw driver. A hammer is all ya need!

GREAT question! I'll ask my dad. He's a contractor....

Wait! How about the f*&$ing mini phillip's head screwdriver.

A screwdriver should be made with juice - not something designed to frustrate.

I just finished repainting my mud room. Okay I used all three screwdrivers in there! Now mind you, I built this house, but the designers of the light fixtures, etc. all have their own thing going. What a pain!

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