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T-Minus 24 hours to listing

We had the carpets replaced today. In the entire house. Well ok, only two floors of the house, but it still meant eight hours trapped in the kitchen with a wild toddler who wanted to hammer to stairs right near all those lovely carpet tacks and run around barefoot on top of the staples.

And I just dusted the hot water heater. I must be stopped.

I spend all of my free time (approximately 12 minutes a day) searching for new things to smear on honey flavored Teddy Grahams before I cram them into my gaping maw. Peanut butter = good, cream cheese = better.

The realtor comes at 10:15 tomorrow, the cleaners come to do the kitchen and bathrooms at 12:30 (for $136 an hour, which would kill me dead except that we are already hemorrhaging money and I just don't fucking care anymore, but I had damn well see a super-special gleam on the rim of every toilet when they leave). The house has been power washed, every non-upholstered surface has been painted, and the former cds-and-guitars room has been converted into the every-crappy-plastic-toy-known-to-man room. My in-laws basement now hold more of our crap than our own house.

I have been working like a maniac every single minute of every single day for two solid weeks, and I mean hard physical labor, not my former "gosh, I have so much email" sort of work, and I am done. Exhausted. Totally spent. I'm cleaning and doing the yard tomorrow, and then Mia and I are spending three weeks at the pool.

And oh sweet jeebus, after this comes the packing.

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I don't think I've mentioned this lately. But you guys are fucking insane.

I'm going to die in this house. I'm never moving again.

good job Beth! I hope the house sells super fast!

Thinking of you and just back from NY if you need to find something fun to do (you know, instead of obsessing over whether the people touring your house are going to put in an offer).

Best of luck - I hope your house sells at the first open house for more than your asking price.

I hope your house moves fast. We have had our house on the market for two weeks now and have seen a lot of traffic but no offers yet. I have begun the packing process and it's more of a chore than getting the house ready to put on the market! And don't even talk to me about maintaining the cleanliness on a daily basis with two small children... it's enough to make a person crazy!

Color me impressed. Super impressed.
Good luck! I wish you an offer by the end of the week. Or at least by the time you come back from the pool.

Good for you Beth ! Is the market hot in your area ? Did you pick a house for yourselves yet ? I seriously can't believe all the work you have done. Incredible.

It's a cruel irony that we only ever finish our houses or apartments and clean them 100% top to bottom just before we hand them over to someone else. Sigh. After moving internationally twice in 14 months, I feel your pain...

Are you guys staying in the immediate area? Moving to the District? MD?

But just think. No more condoms in the front yard when you finally move into what will be your dream home!

You lost me at "Teddy Grahams and cream cheese". I'll have to try that! Sorry, I haven't had breakfast yet. =/

uh - we just finished doing all of that! sold our house on sunday night, the only difference was instead of replacing carpet and painting, we developed our basement. and now being eight months pregnant and with a toddler i won't be doing any of the actual moving - just supervising!

Want to come to my house now? You don't even have to do any work, just motivate me. And teach me. Fingers crossed it sells in a flash.

At this point in my life, I think I might actually be willing to pay someone $136 to come clean my bathrooms.

After all that hard work, I hope your house sells quickly! Now go have fun at the pool :)

Wow. Just, wow.

One piece of assvice for the packing, though: PURGE. And I don't mean puke up those cream cheese-laden Teddy Grahams. Get rid of crap. It will make your life so much easier.

Reading about all your hard work makes me tired.

I'll take a nap for you later.

Good luck!

wow...maybe i should take back what i said about wanting to move...:)

Wow, you have been very industrious! I hope that all your hard work pays off, and that your house sells super fast!

You poor thing!! I hope by now you have a place to move into. The last I remember, you were undecided.

That is totally worth it to have someone else scrub the hell out of the bathrooms. Although at that price, I expect not only a gleam but a "shhhhring!" sound effect with each happy little shine.

Hope for the best for you and your family. I hope it will be done as soon as possible.

Ugh, deepest sympathies. I do want to move out of this house and out of this state at some point, but man, oh man, I don't want to have to get the house ready to sell.

Wow - I'm seriously impressed! I'm moving to a new apartment on Friday and I still haven't finished packing. And by "finished" I really mean "started," since currently I've only packed books, CDs & DVDs - you know, the easy stuff. And I have to work tomorrow. Can we say procrastinator extraordinaire?!

Some people work well under pressure, I pretty much ONLY work under pressure.

I hope the house sells quickly and the move goes smoothly! Enjoy your time at the pool - you guys have earned it!

What's with all these people saying they wish the house would sell quickly?! I'm hoping the house will take a little while to sell so that you and Mia can enjoy more time outside of the house and frolicking poolside while they keep showing it.

No, I'm only kidding. Hope it sells at the right time. Good for you for working so hard on it.

Wait, you *aren't* supposed to dust the water heater?

Ditto the super impressed. It's been interesting, but I feel tired just reading about all the work you & Chris had to do to get to this point.

I'm hoping it sells quickly so you two don't have to slave keeping the place all tidy and shit on a daily basis.

Enjoy the chilling time at the pool. Please post us some pictures when you get the time. The house sounds fabulous.

You've been working your smokin hot ass off, and I think you deserve like, at least 1 or 2 percent of the closing costs. To buy whatever you want. I'm sending you good house selling vibes and enjoy those spotless bathrooms!

Also, I think after all the work you've done so far, the packing will seem easy by comparison. Except I know you guys have a LOT of books...and those are never fun!

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