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Because I am so sure you have been wondering

I've been a bad blogger lately, I know. But what do you people expect? This is free entertainment I'm providing here, sometimes it is just going to suck. You get what you pay for and all that. However, since I know that the world at large is fascinated by every aspect of my life, here's what you've been missing.

Mia's birthday is the 22nd and I finally got the invitations to her party out yesterday. I mean sure, we are only having the family, but still that was cutting it a bit fine, don't you think? Still working on a theme, am leaning towards a Happy Birthday/Box Packing party. Hey, she's only 2, she won't know the difference and would have a great time throwing our crap in boxes, and I could use the extra labor from the family for a while. Ok, so I guess not. Probably won't be a theme at all, because again she's 2 and won't know the difference. I am working on a menu though. Tell me, would it be bad to serve only food that Mia likes? That would mean that lunch would consist of fruit, pasta with parmesan cheese, peanut butter sandwiches and teddy grahams.

I'm putting off doing any move-related stuff, like calling utilities or movers or any of the hundred other people who will care that we are going to be living somewhere else. I find a new excuse every day. Today's excuse: Chris is in training and will have limited opportunities to reach me, should he need to, therefore I need to keep the phone line free. Yes, I do have a cell, so what?

Last night, Mia recited the entire Gettysburg Address. It was impressive. Ok, so not so much, but remember back when I spent all my time bitching and moaning about how my kid didn't talk? Sweet lord but my kid talks. All the time. In sentences. Blows my mind.

Hey, can anybody recommend a mover that didn't break all your shit? Thanks.

Also hey, do you guys think Mia should have the front bedroom or the back bedroom? Chris thinks the front, but I am sort of leaning towards the back. Thanks again.

You know what I did on Sunday night? I ordered a St. Joseph's statue to bury in the yard so our house would sell. I wasn't going to, but then I found one that was made out of PVC and I couldn't resist. I mean come on, my very own 4 inch PVC saint? He's not going in the yard, I'm totally building a shrine to St. PVC. With candles and incense. It's going to be awesome, so awesome that we'll probably throw a shrine warming party. People can bring more incense.

And let's see, what else is there? Nothing much, really. Oh, except that we got an offer on the house yesterday. Well, almost. We got a contract that was missing three pages and didn't have a loan approval and was really low-ball to boot, but hey, at least it was an offer, almost. Will let you know if anything happens with that, obviously, but I'm not holding my breath.

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the back. it will be too easy for her to sneak out when she's a teenager if she has the front bedroom. this way, she has to sneak around the house and you might have a better chance of catching her.

Ditto what Jodi said regarding Mia's bedroom.

I think the Box Packing Partry theme would work if you give out prizes for packing efficiency, most organized, most creative labeling, etc. ;-)

A color theme would be painless to throw together. You could go for the color you like best for Mia. It is easy to find pink party goods and since it is summer yellow and other bright colored items are readily available.

If this offer doesn't pan out, I hope the next offer is exactly what you are looking for.

I think she should have the back room. Not that I have any good reason to think that.

You really bought a St. Joseph's statue? I think we totally deserve pictures of the shrine! :)

1. You could do a "bring your own toddler delicacies" theme - then you wouldn't have to prepare the food and you know everybody would bring something THEY like to eat... and Mia might even find something NEW to like!
2. Do they have Apple Moving up there? Because they did a great job for us and even - get this - SHOWED UP ON TIME. Wonders never cease.
3. Does the garbage truck go past the front of the house, or the back? I say put Mia as far away from that as possible so they won't wake her up. Unless your garbage truck goes by at a REASONABLE HOUR, in which case you're just lucky.
4. Good luck with the house thing, if that statue works for you, you need to send it to me when you're done with it. I'm not sure I can handle another Open House.

Whatever you do, do NOT use Two Men and a Truck. I had a good experience with Stevens Van Lines, but I don't know if you have them out there. Mayflower wasn't bad, but wasn't particularly great, either.

She won't care about the theme, so Packing Party sounds fine. I totally did the St.Joseph thing. He is 4 inches and made of PVC. It worked for my mom's house and mine. Do you want it?

If it's two story, I'd say maybe front for fire rescue purposes. If the back is easily accessible or if it's one story, I'd say back. I lean toward back of the house rooms for sleeping, anyway. Luckily enough, both of the best bedrooms in our house are in the back.

Oh- another question to narrow it down: which location would allow you to stay up late having wild parties with loads of wine and not wake her up, 'cause I KNOW that has to be a priority. Or maybe that's just me...

You are starting to creep me out.

Can I come to the burying ceremony?

"Hey, can anybody recommend a mover that didn't break all your shit? Thanks."

That one made me giggle. I'll have to scroll through the comments now to see if such a thing EXISTS... let alone if someone can recommend one.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just sell it all and start over? You would just set up the delivery date and they bring it and install it all.

Our house has been on the market for 11 months. Someone just gave us the St. Josephas advice, but I cant seem to find them. Okay okay I havent really looked that hard. Where did you find yours? We are desperate!

We have used beltway twice and been really happy with them. I have heard bad things about town and country, and I think they are more expensive then beltway.

And if you want some entertainment in the form of Michael on a monday or a friday so you can get some packing done, well I'm happy to oblige.

OMG! Mia will be two! Two! Count em, TWO!!!!!!

You know I am with ya on this whole house selling thing. Need a shovel for the burial? A PVC Saint is as good as any other. Maybe better. Means he is a modern saint and understands contracts.

If I remember two year olds, she'll have a far better time unpacking the boxes you just packed.

No need to thank me. As always, glad to be of service.

Seriously, it sounds like a fun idea.

Don't you have to bury the statue with his head down? I think I read that somewhere. Maybe I'm crazy. I gotta stop smoking crack so much. Anyway, I'll keep everything crossed that your house sells quickly!

I live in Texas and probably can't suggest a mover. Mia needs the front bedroom because no one standing on the front porch bearing a casserole needs to hear the man and woman of the house "getting it on". Just my thoughts. July 22nd is the day we conceived our second and third sons. It's a very good day, indeed.

I live in Texas and probably can't suggest a mover. Mia needs the front bedroom because no one standing on the front porch bearing a casserole needs to hear the man and woman of the house "getting it on". Just my thoughts. July 22nd is the day we conceived our second and third sons. It's a very good day, indeed.

I live in Texas and probably can't suggest a mover. Mia needs the front bedroom because no one standing on the front porch bearing a casserole needs to hear the man and woman of the house "getting it on". Just my thoughts. July 22nd is the day we conceived our second and third sons. It's a very good day, indeed.

The online Bible of moving: Last time we moved, we researched our asses off on that site, and got an excellent deal, with a really reliable mover. It *completely* varies by area, so if someone says, "Allied rocks!" know that they are only talking about the Allied in THEIR AREA. Yours could suck wind and steal all of your underwear and whack off to it in your yard, for all they know. They're all different.

You're not moving far, right? So are you paying by the hour? I can really wax poetic about the wonders of binding estimates if you want. I've moved a lot. But I'll wait and not clog your comments with stuff you probably already know.

Mia needs the bedroom with the most sunlight. She'll be in there playing, so the bright and cheerier (did I just make up "cheerier"?) the better.
Maybe the theme for Mia's party could be a prayer circle. You could give everyone Rosary beads. I know there are plastic Rosary beads which would go great with the PCV saint.

Why not let Mia pick her bedroom? That could be fun!

Also, regarding Saint Joseph and the planting your PVC saint in the garden: DOITDOITDOIT!! It totally worked for us. When we had all of the house drama going on with the purchase of our next house, I actually considered driving over to Secondary Dream House and planting him in the garden there while the owners were sitting on their boat.

Wow- if you're late with the invites, then I'm even later. My daughter's birthday is the 21st and I'm hoping the invites go out tomorrow.

When we moved into our house we had to decide which bedroom to put our daughter in and ultimately decided on the back one because the window was inside our fence and we felt better with her windows not accessible to anyone who isn't in our back yard. Made me feel a little safer. Just my logic, though, you may have an entirely different situation.

A box-packing party theme sounds like a great idea. Kids LOVE boxes.

i cannot believe it's already her birthday. i'm dying a little bit...

i cannot believe it's already her birthday. i'm dying a little bit...

I can't recommend a moving company. We always moved ourselves.

I vote for the back of the house for Mia's room. Given her age, I'd be a tad paranoid about her being in the front. The front of the house would be louder with street and garage noise.

The party sounds good to me. She's little, don't stress over it. If the family is happy with the menu, I say keep it simple and easy.

Whatever you do, do NOT google "Divine Interventions."


I vote for giving Mia the back bedroom. No real reason, although you might want to do what others have suggested and put her where it's less noisy.

Good luck planning the party! I think the Mia-centric menu sounds like a cute idea.

Let's see.. JK Moving and Storage were very good to us, nothing broken, priced everything out very accurately before hand. The only thing I couldn't believe happened that happened... they rolled our (old, very very old, upright) piano on our hardwood floors w/out putting it on the big-wheeled dolly type thing. So the little piano wheels dug into the wood and left marks.

That was not their fault though. That was my HUSBAND's FAULT because he was right there and STOPPED them from putting it on the big wheeled dolly thing and said, "oh it has wheels, it'll be fine."

Our hardwood is only in the entry way and down a hall, so I didn't freak out TOO badly.

but yeah. I would recommend JK Moving.

I used to have a bedroom on the front of the house. We lived on a cul-de-sac, and people were always turning around in it, their lights shining into my room at night. Moderately obnoxious. Plus, my mother always had to make sure I was fully clothed, something I wasn't entirely fond of.

I would say that you and Chris get the front bedroom and Mia the back. That way, the monsters definitely get you first. Am I the only one who thinks that way? :)

It's so hard to believe that Mia's nearly two! TWO! I remember waiting to hear/read if she was here...and now I'm waiting on my own! (Waiting for yours was definitely less stressful, obviously.)

I can recommend Interstate Movers (based in Springfield) - they are a little more expensive, but you pay the same rate whether it takes them 2 hours or 12 hours...took great care of everything... If you are not moving very far - my best friend just used Smooth Movers - very reasonable and have a web discount at smoothmovers(dot)com...Good luck with the sale - moving just sucks.

make that smooth-movers(dot)com.... I have NO idea where that other site would go :) sorry for the typo!

I assume that the front or back bedroom does not include the master bedroom you and Chris will be occupying. If that is the case, consider 2 things:
1. How close do you want her room to be if she is sick or has a nightmare?
2. Which room is in the safest/quietest/brightest location for her (as others have mentioned)?

I don't know about movers, I've always relied on friends who could be bribed with pizza and beer.

I know it sounds silly, but I buried a St. Joseph statue in the flower box in front of out house. I wrote all the wonderful qualities of our house on paper and put the whole thing in a little baggie. The statue was only 3-4 inches. I buried him upside down. That was on a Wed. or Thurs. and we got an offer at an open house on Sunday. That offer is (knock on wood) still going strong and we're waiting to close.

I'm debating the bedroom thing too. We're planning baby #2. So do I put baby in front and Peanut in back or switch it? Can't decide. I think Peanut in back and baby in front as the front bedroom is closer to the master room.

Good luck with it all!!

Back Bedroom and i don't know if it is you or me but i didn't breath while reading that post at all! Would you (or me) PLEASE take a breathe! :D Happy B-day and Packing (BTW so love the packing party idea!)

I'm voting back bedroom as well, as I assume it would be easier to sneak out of as a teenager. Not that it really matters at this point, because that's a heck of a lot of years away, still.

Now I want a PVC saint.

I think a packing party theme would be totally acceptable. If you can't count on your family to have fun at a Happy Birthday Mia/now let's pack! party, who can you count on for that?

When John and I moved we used JK Movers (Moving?) and were very pleased with them. They showed up on time, worked really hard, and didn't break anything. Although I did move stuff I was obsessed about keeping safe, like my great-grandmother's china myself.

we used Graebel when we moved. they did an excellent job--every single thing arrived in the same condition we left it.

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