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I'm selling my little yellow house today, and while we will still be here for a couple of weeks, by 4:30 it will no longer be ours. We will be here only to finish packing up and moving on and getting it ready for someone else to take over. Someone who will not know about the spot in the living room where Mia first crawled and took her first steps. Someone who will be able to walk into her room without remembering the night we were all sitting by the window and she finally said Mama.

We've packed up our pictures and our books and are slowly emptying this space of the things that made it seem like home when I walked in the door. But we can't pack up the azaleas we back-breakingly planted that first summer or the secret messages painted behind the mirrors in all the bathrooms. We're leaving behind the microwave door handle that doesn't quite fit and the spindles at the top of the stairs chewed before we got here by somebody else's dog, or possibly child. We're leaving the strange little closet hidden under the stairs, that fills with dust and plaster so fast it must be a wonder of the world and that has a mystery light socket with no way to turn it on.

The new people, they seem nice, they love the house and I'm sure they will feel the same way about it that we do. But they will never know the joys and tragedies that came here before them, the things that we are taking with us but also leaving behind as shadows, echos.

I'm excited, thrilled, but when I sign those papers this afternoon it will not be without sadness and regret. I will miss our little yellow house.

Hey, would you all click over here today, if you have a second? There's nothing interesting, it's just that I'm buying a very expensive house in two weeks and every little bit helps, ya know? Appreciate it bunches.

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Congratulations on the closing. When do you close on the new place?

Congratulations! I know how you feel. When we sold our first house, my son was 18 months old and I cried. I could hardly leave. Though we were moving to a house that would work for us infinitely better (and it has), it was still so sad. The 1st house is where my son learned to walk & talk & had his 1st bday party & learned about snow & all sorts of things that only a mother cares about. We knew where the floors creaked so as to not wake him up as we tiptoed out of his room. But I will tell you that I took with me all my daylillies from the house & a daisy plant that I brought from my parents home way far away & I did dig up St. Joseph & I also took some of my curtains b/c there is some ridiculous rule that we had to leave our curtains. And I still look at the plants & say "I saved you from the new owners". And even if I haven't used the curtains in my new home, they had special meaning to me (from my sons first baby room!) & well, they are now part of his quilt. Good luck with the move, if you've read this far b/c this is a spastically long comment! Here's to new memories!

Congrats on selling the house!

Congratulations. As I've mentioned, we move the same day and we're leaving Rylan's first home as well. Take lots of pictures, and maybe a video of just the house to help with the memories. That seems to have helped my emotions. Do you have to rent the house for 10 days from the new owners to stay after closing? (Just curious how the lawyers worked that.)

speaking of going to pool....did Mia not like the pool this summer? Last summer you took her a lot.

I remember feeling the same way when we left our townhome where Lily was born. But now I've fallen in love with here and can't imagine being anywhere else. New memories rock that way.

Congrats on signing!

i'm sure it's bittersweet right now...but it's going to be amazing!!

Aww. Bye bye little yellow house.

Congratulations on the sale! I totally understand the bittersweetness involved with leaving some place you loved, loathed and now left.

Congratulations on selling your house! The new memories will be just as special and you won't be tripping over each other. I do like the idea of the video.

There were no kids involved but I had a tough time letting go of my condo because there were a lot of memories, including when D proposed, but I love our house now.

I hope everything went ok today.

Man oh man! The joys of packing....
Sounds like you have a nice house to move to though...VERY exciting!!!

Yeah, I felt the same when we moved to our house. And we didn't even own that one! Congrats on the closing and happy packing! :)

I cried while I read this, because I know what this feels like.

Congrats on selling the house and hooray for the new memories you'll make at the next house.

Oh my! That is exactly why I think I'll never be able to bring myself to move. Very poignant.

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