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Hey, I'm very literal-minded

So you want to see my hair, huh? Fine, fine. You can see my hair here.

(Honestly, there's just no pleasing some people.)

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If I was in town I'd just drive to your house. The suspense is killing me.

It's so not nice to tease. Aparently we need to be more specific, we are dying to see the hair still left on your head!

I guess we need to spell it out.

Have a good weekend.

Good one, Beth ~ BTW did you shower yet? Odd question I know...but I always feel so strange the first few showers after a big ol' part of me is missing - oh, and I use WAY too much shampoo. :)

Looks like you're gonna make someone really happy with all that hair.

Okay. We deserved that. Enjoy your weekend.

Wow, that's a lot of hair...

You tease you!

You are a mean, mean girl. With pretty hair.

Yep. We totally deserved that. That doesn't make it less evil.

we didn't deserve it! How can we help wanting to see the new beauteous tresses. Please? :-)

That's a LOT. But I admire your goal...

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