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It's a sad, sad day when I'm the fashion police

Dear Woman at Mia's Mommy and Me Class,

Tight white pants over a black thong is a Bad Idea. It's bad enough when I can tell from the back what kind of underwear you are wearing, but when I can tell from the front? Shudder.


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Amen, sistah! Don't people ever look in the mirror before leaving the house or d'ya s'pose they are just that deluded to think that looks hott?

I am really hoping she didn't walk out of the house like that on purpose. I suppose time will tell if she's a repeat offender.

The other day we were at the BX and out comes walking a mom with three children. Older children. 10 and up, my guess. The mom was wearing those linen-type white pants that you should really only wear with swimsuits... OMG, I was so embarrassed for those poor kids to be around their mom who was showing off her butt. EEEKS!

Our secretary does that ALL the time which is really bad since there are only 2 females in the office out of 12 people. Me, the plain Jane who is at least 10 years younger than our secretary JLOW wanna be. OMG.

Eeeeeeek. Also: ew.

Oh yuck!

I'm convinced most people don't own mirrors, but I've been told that some men find that sort of thing sexy.

My favorite is the gym outfits. I mean, I know it;s an all women's gym, but for chrissakes lady, I do not need to know where you sweat most.

omg, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

People, do I have to point out the obvious silver lining? At least there were some kind of underpants involved.

But. Ew.

At least you couldn't see full on bush. Or not bush, if you know what I mean.

Sorry that you had to go through that. How traumatic! :P

Ew. But at least she was wearing underwear, that seems rare these days!

Gross. Beth, I can top this.

Our last trip to Europe for our Paris/London trip both Lynn and I noticed a woman. She was walking in front of all of us. She was wearing this very see through skirt. She had on NO underwear. Luckily, Harley didn't notice. I can only guess what I would have told him had he noticed.

She was young and quite fit, but I was very appalled. There was nothing left not to see. The only saving grace was that we were walking behind her. I can only imagine my reaction if we had been walking in the other direction.

Though, Lynn found the whole thing quite enjoyable.

In response to Maria's comment that some men find that sort of thing sexy, I need to speak my peace.

Um, no, no man with any working brain cells would find this even remotely sexy. We're moved as close to tossing our breakfast as women are, if not more so.

I used to work with a woman who wore what I charitably called whore clothes to work every day. She was written up for dress code violations more times than I care to remember. And every time she got hauled in for a dressing-down, she became even more defiant, claiming that they singled her out because she was so sexy and proud of it.

Because of her, I no longer find cleavage desirable. She ruined my eyes for life.

So, no, it's not just a gal thing. It's a guy thing, too: we're equally repulsed.

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