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Mia Monday #78: Mia and Adelaide Edition

Bonus points for anybody who can identify the extra toddler's blogging mama.

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I love the second to last one - such a sweet smile/

Greta pictures of our little Mia! I love the third one where she looks like she is reading out loud! But they are all good.

Adorable pictures!

Great haircut by the way! So what did Mia and Chris think about it??

They are too adorable. What fun.

I have no idea who that adorable child belongs to but as a pair? well, all I can say is ridiculously cute.

i don't know who she is...but she reminds me so much of isabella ;)

Hey, isn't Adelaide's mama the one who used to write Baby Mama Drama? I miss that blog.

Both girls are adorable.

The last is so funny =)

Aww, they look like little mini-BFF's.

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