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Mia Monday #79: Basket Ball Edition

Why is this toddler smiling?

Because Mama and Dada sold their house on Friday!

Comments (67)

As always, gorgeous!

And yay! and *happy dance* for having sold your house!!

Congratulations!!! What a happy relief for you all.

Wow! Congratulations! I have been worried about it selling with this whole market slowdown thing. (Well, as worried as a blog stranger, I guess, I mean, I'm not losing sleep because of all the stalker worry!)

I think that's so exciting! Hey, will Mia get a "big girl bed" at the new house?

Woohoo! Congratulations.

How exciting, congratulations!

And a lovely smile it is too.

Congrats!!!And Mia looks adorable, as always.

Congratulations! How relieved you must be.

Wonderful news! Whew! Now all you have to do is MOVE. But there is an end in sight.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Now Chris won't have to get that second job, because we all know you have the most important job spending time with Mia, so you couldn't go back to work.

She's so beautiful!

Congrats! May the moving begin (and be as easy as possible)! :)

Congratulations, gorgeous wee one!

Congratulations on such a cute little girl - oh, and on selling your house too!


Congrats on the home sale!!! That makes things a little less stressful. Now the hard work of packing with toddler help!!!

Mia is so cute in these pics!!! Hard to believe she is almost 2. Growing up fast!

She looks like such a big girl now!

Guess you'd suggest St. Joseph then? We are probably going to really get serious about house hunting/selling in about 6 months. I'll have to go out and get me one of those little guys. ;)

Congrats! I can only imagine the excitement.

Basket ball ~ too cute!

Many congratulations to the Fish/Cactus/Bean family!! Now to begin the packing...

I believe this calls for a Happy Dance!!!!


WOOT! I've never said that before, bit I think it was appropriate. Also, when did Mia's arm get so grown up looking?? Where's the dimply chubs?

Yay, congratulations! That's a very serious face in #2 though!

WHAAAAT!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Man, and we've had our house on the market for...8 months! AM JEALOUS! But very excited for you! Posting pictures of your new house will make me feel better, ok?

that's such great news! congrats!

YipeeYiYay! I needed something to happy dance about!

Congratulations! Good luck with your move!


I love the fourth and fifth photos for their cause and effect. Her expression makes me wonder what happened after she released the ball.

But, of course, the smile always wins the day.

Hooray for you! Congratulations!

Congratulations Beth. I am so happy for you and Chris and Mia!!!

Hiyaa congratz to your family. Mia is cute cute cute

Man, that is one big-ass duck ruling the roost atop the toybox.


Okay now we all will start the crossing of the fingers (and everything else that will help) that all the little details and paper work junk and ick work out easy as pie. Then that the move goes smooth smooth smooth.

That is so awesome! And so quick! That toddler should be super excited for her folks! Way to go!

Congrats! And I love #3! that little bit of devil in her eye is too cute!

Congrats! And I love #3! that little bit of devil in her eye is too cute!


My goodness, she looks so big.

And WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations! I am so excited for you!

And Mia is adorable, as usual.

So happy that you sold your house! Congratulations!

Congrats and good luck with your move!

She looks like a big girl now. Extremely adorable as always :)
And Congratulations on the sale of your house. Hope you relax some now.


Congrats on finding a buyer!!! After helping some friends move into their new house this weekend, can I just say that professional movers are worth every penny - trust me.

Congratulations on selling your house! Can't wait to hear how the move goes - we're moving into our new house in September.

Congratulations! Is that Mia's moving box like in "Toy Story"?

I am so happy for you guys. I hope the packing, moving and settling in all goes smoothly.

What a relief for you and Chris.

Yeah! Congrats!!!!! May your packing be quick and painless and your closing go smoothly. Now, come sell our home. It's been on the market for over 90 days.

It's a beautiful smile, to be sure, but the eyes saying "Oh, and now we have to pack all this stuff up!".



Whohoooo! Congrats!

Great news and great pics!

Hooray for selling your house! Have fun packing and moving :)


And now that your house is sold, we can focus all of the internet goodness towards me and getting my house built? Sweet.

Awesome news. Sounds like Mia's going to get REALLY used to boxes in the near future.

YAY for house selling!

Can't wait to hear the (mis)adventures of moving!


Wahooo!! That is awesome, I am so thrilled for you two. :)

Again, wahoo, yippee, and congratulations!!

I know exactly what you mean about an enormous weight being lifted.

Congrats! Let the games begin!


I was noticing that the carpet looked clean and vacuumed and was wondering how much longer you would have to maintain that level of cleanliness! Good for you!

Wow congrats on the house...
and thanks for sharing mia's lovely smile...



Congratulations... Mia is very cute and my votes for this edition...mmmm ALL, but the best goes to #3.

Congrats, Sister!!! What a relief for you and Chris!!! Happy Packing!!!

Yay!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Basketball: LOL!!!

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