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Mia Monday #80: Second Birthday Edition

A few more pictures are here.

Comments (34)

Happy Birthday Mia! It looks like you got a lot of nice things and had a lot of fun.

PS - love the hair clips!

Happy 2nd birthday, Mia!

I *heart* those boots!

Happy Birthday, Mia!

You'll love the tricycle...we have the same one. When you're five years old and without the need for the handle, add a little plastic wagon tied to the back, and it makes a handy tractor.

I heart birthdays!!!

Happy birthday, Mia!

She is adorable in her ladybug rain gear. No photo with her drums?

Happy Birthday, Dearest Mia! (Hope you got my card!)Love, your Cyber Granny

happy second birthday mia :) you are a true beauty. i'm sure your mommy and daddy are proud and overjoyed with you and your accomplishments :) all the best!!

hAPPY 02 mIA!

Happy birthday Mia! Sounds like you had a lovely day, and you look very sweet in your ladybird outfit.

She is so beautiful. Happy Birthday Mia! (And where do you find footy pajamas for kids over age one???)

SUCH a beautiful little girl.

Boy do I wish I could still wear a onesie.



My girls have that same bike. It's totally kick ass, seabass.

Happy Birthday to Mia! (that's from my girls, who fell in love with the second they saw her!)

Happy Birthday MIA!
To the cutest 2 year old on the internet, I hope you had a wonderful, rainbow filled birthday. Rock out on your drums little one...

I can hardly believe your baby is 2 already. Happy Birthday, Mia Bean!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I hope it was a good one!

What a gorgeous young lady. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Can I borrow your boots?

So cute! I have to say, in that last picture, she sure does look a lot like you, Beth!

Wha...?! No drum?! Well, those fancy boots pretty much make up for it (Hey, did you notice if they came in a women's size 7 by chance?).

Happy birthday to Mia!

Her HAIR! It is just soooo cute! Along with the rest of her of course :-D Happy Birthday Miss Mia!

That last picture is priceless. She's such a pretty girl. Happy Birthday, Mia!

Happy Birthday to sweet little Mia!! Looks like the day was a good one.

Happy Birthday Mia! Have fun being two.

Super duper Happy Birthday to Mia!

Happy Birthday Mia,

I can't believe it's already her birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mia Bean!

(And I have to ask where did you get the ladybug gear? Got a friend whose niece is also about to turn 2 and this is perfect for SadieBug!)

Aw! Happy Birthday Mia!

BTW this also marks the 2nd anniversary of when I started reading your blog!! I had just given birth to my third babe, and stumbled across your blog! I wish I could pay more visits, but you know, I'm kinda busy (see: third babe). =D

Happy Birthday, sweet Mia!

Oooh. Cool new wheels!

Happy birthday, lovely wee one.

Oh beautiful Mia, happy birthday! You are precious indeed and it's so much fun to watch you grow!

(Beth, great job on the party!)

OMG, to think I started ready this blog when you were pregnant with Mia... and look at her now. WOW..congrats Mia!!

I can't believe she's two!! Happiest of birthdays, Mia.

Awwww Beth she's beautiful!! I can't believe those locks?! Her hair is just gorgeous! Happy 2 Years Mia!

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