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Mia Monday #77: Storytime Edition

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Ohhh... so sweet! I'm pretty sure the monkey has that same sleeper! Sooo coooot! (as she says...).

I love that she's sitting on her potty. Story time is classic that way!

"Huh, yeah, that Shel Silverstein book's great and all, but I think I'll stick to the ol' Biscuit book, Dad. There are classics and then there are Classics, you know?"

Awww. I heart "The Giving Tree" and I heart Mia listening to it, dressed in footy pajamas, on her potty.

Oh that is so sweet! Precious shots of Daddy and Mia!

That book made me cry when I was little. It totally upset my innate need for balance with that selfish little boy who just kept taking, taking, taking. I still can't read it without getting bummed.

Awww! How cute! The potty is an added bonus :)

That is so adorable! By the way, that book is my husband's very favorite children's book ever. (I now know this after we bought my niece all of our favorite childhood books for her little library.)

The Giving Tree! I loved that book as a kid. It still has the power to make me cry.

I see Mia is still very interested in Biscuit.

Great book. Perfect for the bathroom. You can get all the way through it in, er, one sitting.

Great pictures!

I love the progression of those photos!

Must be a popular sleeper - Charlotte has one too. Love the pics!

I so want a potty in my room some days:-D

Teach them the joys of reading while on the potty when their young, and you set them up for a lifetime of bathroom happiness.

Super cute.

I am glad to see that your potty is about as useful as ours is :)
PS - Giving Tree is one of my favourite books!

she always make me want to have a baby. How sweet little angel she is.

that's certainly where i get my best reading done :)

the giving tree!

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