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Will it come as a shock to you if I tell you that I am obsessed with selling my house? No, I guess not. I dream about it. I worry about it. I think about it all the time. This house needs to go, which is a vast change from my position of a month ago, when I could hardly bear the thought of parting with it. See what the threat of two mortgages can do?

We had four showings today, which is fabulous, especially for a Friday, and if we get a contract this weekend (ha ha) there is still a chance that we can sell this house before we buy the next one. Which, while not strictly necessary, would be hella convenient and lift about 194 tons of stress off of my shoulders, which would be nice as I have another thing or two going on right now that I would much rather worry about. So if all y'all would focus some good juju on sending a contract my way right quick, I would appreciate it.

And ok sure, that hair thing from earlier was rude, but also, you must admit, rather funny. The hair is great, really it is, and I would be blissfully happy to post picture after picture of the hair if only I could work out how to not be in the pictures myself. I hate pictures of myself, mostly because I tend to have my eyes closed or starting to close or nearly but not quite open in all of them, which makes me look like a Class-A drooling dweeb. Also, I'm not sleeping well lately (see two mortgages, above) which gives me lovely bags under my eyes and my hairdresser pointed out that I am starting to get "natural highlights" and despite losing 12 pounds (12! go me!) the stomach pooch is still formidable and well... I start going a little crazy with the Photoshop and then the picture I intended to post starts looking quite a bit like Michael Jackson and not much at all like me. But I'll work on it and get something up soon. Ish. Promise.

On the happy side of things, thanks to two last-minute requests for showings, we decided to just go out to dinner tonight and then went for ice cream, and in between those two things peered and giggled at some fish and some ducks and a whole passel of geese, and then we got home just in time to say hello to our neighbor dog Luke, who was out for his evening constitutional and who Mia worships as she does almost nothing else on this earth. And it was just a lovely, very lovely evening. And a reminder that I am far luckier than I deserve to be to have this life and this little family and these two god forsaken mortgages and this totally hot new hairdo (which I got done for free, since I was donating the hair).

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What bugs me is the agents who call and want to bring clients by in 15 minutes. 15 Minutes??? I have a TODDLER, for crying out loud. It takes me 15 minutes just to wrestle the remote controls out of her hands that she's just absconded with, much less pick up after her tornado path of destruction (which, by the way, only takes 5 minutes to create).


You've bought yourself good karma by donating your hair. One of those four sets of folks tramping through your house today will put an offer in it. So sayeth a strong believer in justice and fairness.

free hot haircut=awesome.

I'm sending good Karma your way!

Having lived in the Land of Two Mortgages, I definitely am sending the good contract juju your way because that stress will eat you alive.

Fingers crossed for house selling this weekend. Also, wanting to hear about the thing or two you'd rather be worrying about.

Hold a piece of paper over your face and take the picture that way if you must, but we must see the hair.

If you believe in Lucky 7s, then TODAY is the day the house will sell! If not, well...

A picture of the back of the hair would probably satisfy many. And we'd never know if your eyes were closed. :-)

hoping the best for you

I am sending good vibes your way. Did you guys not do a contingency on the house that you're buying? We did that and ended up losing the house, but in the end it was the best thing. We waaaay overbid on the house we wanted to buy. It's still on the market and we're hoping to get it for much, MUCH less than our original bid.

More good vibes. Two mortgages (or just the thought of such) is enough stress for anyone.

If it helps, real estate sales were sagging in our neighborhood in Colorado and things have massively picked up. Four nearby houses sold in the past two weeks.

Lots of showings is a great sign.

Try this:

I've heard it really works...

And you have absolutely what you deserve. A beautiful family for a beautiful woman. I am sure the house will sell so you can concentrate on decorating and spending lots of money on the new place! :)

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