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Quick question for Monday morning

Hey, what's the best way to destroy Polaroids? No reason, just wondering. Has nothing whatsoever to do with anything I may have discovered while packing this weekend. Nope, just idle curiosity. Yeah, that's it.

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I'm thinking the shredder is the way to go. Scissors work well too, for both polaroids and tape yanked out of a VHS tape.

Fire. I think...

Fire. I think...

Scissors, shredder and Fire in that order!

I going to have to agree with Andrea... I think fire may be the only thing I would trust to permanantly destroy Polaroids...

Even though it isn't environmentally friendly, fire is the ideal. Aside from that, a shredder would work too; as long as it's one of those confetti types that can handle several sheets (polaroids are layered).

And as a weird aside, the word "polaroid" isn't even in Firefox's online spell-check dictionary anymore...

speaking from personal experience...FIRE.
for the love of god...BURN THEM

Burn, baby, burn..I have to agree is the only way to go. And it's satisfying to watch the edges curl up too!

I'm sure a shredder would do wonders.

shred and burn

The only true way to destroy them is to scan them and put them here on your website. I promise.

Possibly there are other, trickier chemical ways to destroy their little hides, but I personally don't feel happy unless evidence has been reduced to fine ash.

Shred and burn get my vote.

First, scan them so we can see these hypothetical Polaroids. Then, a nice summertime barbecue with Polaroids as the appetizer.

You can send them to me for proper shredding. LoL.

I wish you could've seen how wide my eyes just got! heh. And though I'm terribly curious, I'm quite sure I'm better off not knowing! So good luck with the shred and burn!

Send them to me. I'll take care of them. Promise.

You could always shred them and then stuff them into the return mailers you get with your junk mail. Just hope they don't have time to piece it together.

Now I'm totally curious what's on those polaroids which reminds me of a cross between polaris and hemroids.

Did you and Chris makes some of those uhhh, "fun" honeymoon pics with a polaroid?


I've heard that posting scans of them to your blog works, but I have no hard evidence that this is true. Yet. Perhaps you could give it a try, in the interest of science and all.

I'd shred them. You have everyone wondering what was worth the trouble.

Hope the packing is going well.

Shred and burn.

*tee hee*

You've got dirty pictures!!

Shred and burn.

*tee hee*

You've got dirty pictures!!

Shred and burn.

*tee hee*

You've got dirty pictures!!

So what do you do with the polaroids that you can't seem to find? That, my friend, is my question.

I recall you writing ages agho about you having your dirty pistures somewhere...I bet you found them.. LOL...Just post them on your way to get rid of them..HAHAHA

burning does NOT work, best thing to do is to wet the bottom edge and pull apart the two layers, then soak in bleach--it's totally destroyed

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