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The Hair

Well, since you asked so nicely, here's After:

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Beautiful! :) (What does Mia think?)

VERY nice! You look so very sophisticated. Great summer 'do!


I have always coveted the bob.

Fabulous! Or, as my girls would say--"Styling".

You look so cute! It must be nice to not have to put it up all the time. I am of course ENTIRELY too big of a titty baby to ever cut my hair.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, has hot bank teller seen it yet?

Very chic.

tres chic!

Dito the chic! I LOVE it. I normally hate bobs (l do, they look awful on me), but it looks really classy on you! How did Mia react? And Chris?

Love it! The new cut frames your face so nicely. Pretty pretty!

Beautiful! I hope you love it, too.

I think it looks great! (And, by the way, every picture of you ever posted on this blog has been adorable. Maybe the rejects are as bad as you say, but the ones we see are all awesome.)

Its beautiful, Beth! You had nothing to worry about. With it short like that it changes the entire appearance of your face too. I think it makes your jawline more defined.

I'd bet Chris is damn pleased with it too. :)

You are totally hott.

That is a beautiful haircut!! Love love love it!!

You're gorgeous! I love it. Also, I say this every time, but you look SO YOUNG. So young. So wonderfully young. If you told me you just turned 21, I'd totally believe you. Honest. It's amazing.

So, so cute!!!!

You look beautiful! I love it!

You look fab! My face is too fat for a bob but I love it on you!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Completely adorable! But you look so young! Yikes! Gorgeous, though, of course.

I'm so jealous.... After our wedding last year, my hair was so long, and I was so frustrated, so I cut it off, but didn't think to donate the hair. Shame on me! I feel so guilty... But beyond that - I got a super bad cut. Yours, on the other hand, is so cute!!

You are just plumb pretty - and your hair is so rich and thick! (Usually we saw you in a ponytail, so it was hard to tell.) And I know the torture of finding a good picture, but honey you are beautiful. The new cut looks great on you.

Oh so pretty and shiny! You have such great hair.

Wow, that looks great, you have a lovely hair colour.

I love it! That cut looks really great on totally coveted your long hair, but you just proved you have great hair no matter what and are totally rockin' that bob. You are so pretty you could probably pull off a buzzcut too...

WOW! That looks awesome.

Well done.

I think the ayes have it - makes me think about taking a pair of scissors to my own mane, actually.

Very lovely.

Fantastic haircut! And in a few weeks, it'll be long enough to put up in a mommy ponytail again...
What do Mia and Chris think of it?

Oh Beth! You look beautiful!I just love it!

Way cute. Totally fits your face shape :)

very cute! :)



How crazy does it feel now to wash it? Going from long to short always takes me a while to adjust.

You look beautiful!

tres chic! *claps*

Very cute!!! That cut looks awesome on you. Love it!


Oh, it's beautiful!!!!!!! THRILLED for you!!!!

Hotty McBankTellersons won't know what hit 'im!!!


You look fantastic, and about 17 years old. Damn you right to hell.

Love the haircut!!!!

And look at those eyes! They look wide open to me!

Thats a great cut. I'd have loved to see it 2 inches shorter, just cause I think you can carry it off. You look great! And yes, we all wanna know what was Mia's reaction? Did she even notice the difference?

Well, I'm a fan of short hair so I think it's perfect.

Bold move - I love it.
And good for you for donating your hair.
Maybe you'll get some good karma points and the house will sell (not that your donating your hair to get anything in return...)

Wow...I like it. My hair looks too long now. I gues I'll be spending some time to het my haircut tomorrow.

Thanks for inspiring.


Love, love, love it. You look beautiful!

Great haircut.

And I mean it because that's essentially 'my' haircut. Except your hair is much nicer than mine. Really.

I think it's really cute!


Me likes!

Tres chic!

You're awesome with new hair. It really suits you =).

Wow..such MILF material!

love it! It looks awesome and thick and healthy! You are probably a bit cooler, too, yes?


I love it!

Oh thank you for finally sharing. That cut is perfect for you, good choice. It looks FABULOUS!

aren't you the cutest thing!

well, you were already ;)

i like it. You may keep it:-D

I like it a lot ~ it must fee great to get all these compliments! You deserve them. :)

Did you mail out your lost hair yet?

That is super cute!

It looks really cute!

i love it :)

I like it a lot, looks very nice.


Isn't shampooing weird now?

Love it!!! I'm getting my hair done in a couple of weeks, can I steal your style? I've been looking for something somewhat easy to manage once school starts again.

Geez, you do something good for others and come out looking fabulous in the process. Good things are happening for you...I see a quick sell on your house.

NICE! It looks fantastic! I also like the model-like pose you have going in the 2nd pic - staring off, aloof, without a care in the world (right? haha - yeah, I know...)

Serioulsy - looks great!

Looks faboo. :)

I just got highlights... and I'm still not satisfied. I hate dealing with hair! I want to cut it off (its a little longer than yours was), and I mean off. Like pixie short. But Chris is very NO on that. I'm gonna have to dig out pictures and see.

If I do it, I hope I look as totally great as you do!! You don't even have that 'I just got a haircut and feel like I look funny' look on your face. You look comfy.

LOVE IT!!! I love the bob in the back and the angle. Looks GREAT.

Oh Beth, it's very lovely. And really, you look like 10 years younger, which is crazy 'cause you looked young to begin with!!!

Fabulous cut. You look great. Hope your pleased with yourself. What a lovely cut for the summer.

Oh, it looks fantastic! And you photograph very well, you really shouldn't be so self conscious. =)
And you are going to save so much money on hair products! Growing it out again is going to be tough. ;)

It looks awesome! You are one hot tamale (I have always wanted to say that out loud to someone but feel stupid...apparently I am more dorky when I type if that is even possible).

But you do look amazing. I love the cut!

That is either a very fine Photoshopping job or else you look FANTASTIC.

Oh, and your hair looks fab, too. :-)

tres cute! - I've always wanted my hair to look like that in a bob - unfortunately it doesn't

You look SOOO pretty! The bob really works for you! I like it better on YOU than on Katie Holmes or Victoria Beckham! Work it!!! ;)

looks lovely on you.

You look great! I love the cut.

I love it!

You look gorgeous! Obviously, Mia got her looks from you.

I love your new do! You always take a good picture! You are soooo cute!

I like it!


Holy Shit! I'm gone for a week and look what happens! ;)

You look great! I love the bob. And you wear it well. Enjoy your new do.

Very flattering! I was expecting much shorter. It really looks great and you did a great thing with the donation. Rock n roll!

I love it!

I actually just did the same thing a few weeks ago except mine is cut up a bit higher in the back. You look great!

Holy moley... you are very pretty!

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