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Get me, two posts in one day. You all have to stop calling me a sucky blogger now.

First, if you are expected home at 3:30 and instead arrive home at 2:30 and sneak into the house so as to avoid disturbing naptime, you are very likely to give your poor, unsuspecting wife a heart attack. You are also very likely to get brained with a hair dryer. Keep it in mind.

Also, anybody bored at work today? I need a size 24 month dress with a rainbow theme. By Saturday. It's urgent. Go!

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Baby there a store near you?

Rainbow, tye dyed, in stock, fast delivery

Expensive....not sure it comes in the size you want. Looks easy to make with fabric paint!!

I don't know how to do links in comments, but ...


The Ebay one, you can buy it now and get express delivery and it should be here in time. The other one you can call and she will tell you if it is in stock and how quickly you can get it.

I don't love it, but here is a Cookie Monster/rainbow combo! (BORED AT WORK)

Whee! Baby clothes shopping is fun!

Here are a couple from Baby Gap:

Not really rainbow-y, but still, it's striped and multi-coloured (and on sale!):,26140,25912&clearance=0

When I was a little girl (maybe twice Mia's age), I loooooooved Rainbow Brite. Too bad she's not around any more!

I came over from RudeCactus via Girl on the Run.

Your daughter is a dolly! I love BabyLegs brand at

These are so cute *click here*.

I hope the knot on Chris' head goes away soon. And I just sat here like an idiot wondering why the HELL you needed a size 24 dress when you are so slim. Who did you need that large a rainbow dress for anyway??? Maybe *I* am the one with the knot on my head.

Buy the child a white cute summery dress and give her some markers. Problem solved. ;)

Oh and congrats on the house sale.

And because I'm a nice person......

I'm trying to understand why someone would come home early. When you're given a free pass to have fun on the outside, you use every spare moment you can. Isn't that the parent's credo?

I must be missing something here. Then again, I'm flying solo with the munchkins while my wife tends to her ailing mom. My brain must be starting to atrophy as a result.

i may just have one...

WOW. You ladies are good.

What's with the rainbow theme? Curious.

Who needs a dress when you can have an uber cool tutu (I bought these for a set of three year old twins I nanny when they were Mia's age, and it kept them busy for hours...). :)

Another place is:

Why a rainbow????

Ooooo...but he respected naptime! Have to give him kudos for not crashing in and ruining your peace and quiet!

(Came to you by just surfing around!)

I'm sorry I didn't read this in time but these folks have batik rainbow stuff. And dragons. And brooklyn bridges.

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