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1, 2, 3, "Ewwwww"

Hey, do you suppose the bowl thing from Mia's potty chair is dishwasher safe? Because she insists on eating out of it and I'm getting a little tired of hand washing.

Stop looking at me like that. She's never actually pottied in it.

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HAAAAAAAA- thanks for the morning giggle... poor kiddo she's getting her bowls confused...

My son wears his as a hat. When he tells me he has to go potty he runs and sticks his foot inside of it. He has yet to ever go in the potty. If Mia's beautiful self wanted to sleep w/ it I'd probably let her too!

My son uses his potty as a toy box. Has not pottied in it.

Sierra insists that I fill hers up with water so Dora, Boots and Diego can go swimming.

My son also uses his as a hat, in fact my mum said so did I.

and now I love you and your whole family even more for that giggle!

I imagine it's top-rack dishwasher safe.

You made me chuckle at the visual image of Mia eating out of it though! We gotta have pictures of that!


As long as she's not making hot fudge sundaes in her potty.... :) Ge-roooosss! :)

I agree... top shelf dishwasher safe

dead frogs
potty eating children.

Man this move has been GOOD for you!

Heh. Kids.

Never knew kids could find such creative (and hilarious!) uses for things!

isabella uses hers for storage. i'm always finding little trinkets in it. i'd prefer to find little tinkles. bwah.

that's prime blackmail material right there my friend - should keep you out of the old folks home for the rest of your days (unless of course you go senile - heh)

Yes - I was ours in the dishwasher all the time.

I am SO glad we don't have a potty chair in my house...

How funny! Especaily considering I am going out today to buy a potty.

i always put my daughters potty bowl in the dishwasher and she uses hers to go pee in. when i do put it in the dishwasher it is the ONLY thing in there. I don't wash it with the regular dishes.

Potty training going well, I see?

I'd just try, what's the worst thing that could happen?

I'm so happy to know that everyone's kids use their potties as something other than business (well, i guess letting dora and deigo go swimming IS business). I think when the time comes, I'll invest in a potty seat and a stool.

hahahahahah. STOOL.

I kill me.

The boys use it as a hat, a frisbee, anything except what it's intended for. And, yes - the bowl thing (at least the one I have that I cannot remember the brand) is dishwasher safe. Just put it on the top rack.

Ewwww! That is TOO FUNNY! At least those potties are good for something these days, huh....

How about a potty to potty in and a potty to eat from?

You are officially the Queen of Awesome.

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