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Just the facts, ma'am

Thank you all for the well-wishes. I've really been looking forward to telling you guys because I knew it would be so much fun.

However, as you may recall me mentioning once or twice, we're moving on Saturday, so we are going to have to wait a bit to get too far into this pregnancy thing. I'll try to hit the highlights, but then I really have to go back the damned coat closet.

I'm roughly 14 weeks along, at least according to the most recent of my three songrams, which gives me a due date of February 6. This was not the impetus for buying a new house. Actually, we found out the day before our house went on the market, and I told Chris by telling him we were going to need that extra bedroom a lot sooner than we expected.

No, I'm not moving heavy boxes. My rule is that anything heavier than Mia waits for Chris.

No, conception was not nearly the heart-breaking, soul destroying slog through months of obligatory sex that Mia's was. And that is as much as any of you need to know about my sex life.

I was sicker than I was with Mia, however, while I spent several weeks wishing I would just puke and get it over with already I never did, which makes this my second puke-free pregnancy. You may hate me for that, just slightly.

I'm fat, snotty, and gassy, have fierce carpal tunnel pain and sore boobs, although the little bitches have not gotten a bit bigger, evil whores. I thought it was a boy at first, now I think maybe girl. We will find out and will tell you guys. Same rules as last time, I expect, you can know everything except the name.

We haven't told Mia yet, too far away and she has enough upheaval to deal with right now. She loves babies so I hope she will enjoy it, although I'm obviously worried about how she will adjust. Chris, as an only child, is especially concerned about that part of it - I tend to think that I survived it and so will she.

I've already seen this kid's arms and legs and fingers and toes and heart and spine and stomach and brain and it was just an amazing thing to do at 13 weeks. Things have been so crazy with everything else going on, that this early pregnancy has been on the back burner a bit, and that drove it home. Wow, there's a whole person inside me. Again. Hooray.

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HOORAY!!! :)

Congrats again! It is so exciting, and I am sure you are all ready to be in your new house and settled!
It is good to hear that it is just as exciting to see the ultrasound the second time around. I can't wait to see it the second time around in my first pregnancy!

THRILLED for you all! Woohoo!


My wife felt totally different on this second pregnancy than she did on her first. Everyone kept saying "Oh, it'll be a boy then, so you'll have one of each!" Well, they were wrong...I'm going to be outnumbered 3 to 1 by women in my house come December 26th, and I'll love every minute of it.

Best of luck with the move and hopefully this won't complicate things too much!

OMG! Your pregnant again! Yay! Congratulations. I'm so happy for you. I love finding out people are pregnant.

I so enjoyed your perspective and stories during your pregnancy with Mia, so I was nothing less than elated to know that we, the internet, are going to get to share all of those same things with you all over again.

Again, so happy for you! This is one lucky little baby!

Our oldest son turned 5 and I was convinced he was going to be an only child, so we decided it was time to build a house, the day AFTER we signed the contract I found out I was pregnant! Timing was great!

BTW Chris will do great, I am an only and love having 2 boys ~ ya'll probably get 2 girls. I have heard you have a great chance of having the same as your first.

Enjoy your pregnancy and don't worry about the boxes you'll get to them in plenty of time!

can we get week-to-week bump shots like last time? :)

Truly amazing!! Being able to see so much detail so early on.... I look forward to following this pregnancy!! Mia will be fine!!

and thank you for not telling us more than we need to know about your sex life ..I mean we already now know that you have sex. :-)

My niece was exactly 30 months old when my sister had my nephew. The first month or so was a little rough as Cloe had to learn to share Mommy (i.e., no Mommy can't hold you right now, she's nursing). He's now almost 5 months old, and things are going very well!

The puke free pregnancy is worse in many ways, I think. At least once you puke, you don't have to sit around wishing you'd puke. I feel for you!

Congrats to you and the family! I am so excited for you guys. We had our baby this past January and I too had a puke free pregnancy as well. I was shocked I didn't puke once. I felt really yucky one day when we made lobster rolls and had to stop eating mine, but never puked even during that time. Good luck with your pregnancy. I know Mia will be an awesome big sister. And good luck with the move this weekend.

Big fat welcome back to the pregnancy club. And what fun would it be if you weren't right in the middle of moving or some other life chaos?

Siblings (I have two) are one of life's great curses and blessings, all depending on the day. While I know many well-adjusted, perfectly happy only children, secretly, I think they are missing out.

Don't tell them I said that.

Whole people are good.

Congratulations!! I meant to say it on the previous entry but got distracted. I had 2 puke free pregnancies, too. Although the nausea itself was not fun.

Congratulations! I think a sibling is the best gift you can give a child. Of course you'll worry, but as soon as you see Mia with the baby, you'll see that all will be fine.

This is so exciting for you... new house, new baby! I loved the way Mia broke the news, precious - that should make the baby book.

Wow, that's a lot of changes at the same time!


I said this to Chris but I'll say it again here...I started reading your blogs just after Mia was born, so I look forward to being here through the entire thing for this kiddo. I'm a geek :)

Wow, I can't leave you two alone for a minute. I go on vacation, and you go and get yourself knocked up!

Congratulations! I am thrilled to pieces and already looking forward to pictures of the baby!

Yay for two little Cactii-Fish! (Plural? Anyone?)

Yay - congratulations! We bought a house and sold ours while I was pregnant. We moved when I was 34 weeks prego - when Brooke joined our family 5 weeks later it felt like instant family. My pregnancy with her had been on the back burner for the whole 9 months. 2 nd pregnancies seem to go waaaaayyyyy faster. Good luck with the move and good luck with the pregnancy. I'll be eagerly reading along and reliving every pregnancy moment through you.

Congrats!!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you all! Sorry I'm late to the well-wishing party... just moved and all is boxes, boxes boxes...
so happy for you!!!

Dude, I step away from the interweb FOR ONE DAY and this is what happens.

Seriously, congrats to you and your ever growing family. I'm so happy for you guys!

I'm so behind on blog reading and writing. And wouldn't you know, the blog world gets knocked up while I'm on hiatus.


congratulations! Also, I hope the move goes well.

We, too, got lucky the second time around -- and conceived in NO TIME! But, I was MUCH sicker physically this time, and for a lot longer (5 months). It was unbearable! It's GREAT that you're keeping busy with other stuff -- so much exciting stuff going on! The monkey's going to have a LOT of transitions coming up: big-girl bed, preschool (without moi!), and new baby! But, it's all good! I'm not worried about the adjustments because it'll all be great in time!

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and my belly is out there in everybody's business, but my boobs are still the same damn size. It's high-time for me to replace some of my bras, but I keep waiting for that bosomy growth spurt I hear so much about!

Congratulations again, Beth and family!

I didn't 'know' you for your first pregnancy, so I'm super excited to be around for this one:-)

Need a babysitter?

I'm sure Mia will love her new sibling...eventually. :-)

Yay for the bun baker!!! Can you handle TWO babies so eaten up with cuteness?

Get out. This is great news. New home and a new addition to the family. A lovely way to start things off.

I'm sure Mia will adjust quickly as she seems to love babies.

Great timing, that's one way to get out of overdoing with the move.

You should videotape Mia when you tell her, just to keep her reaction so she can see it when she's older (unless it's really awful!)

And of course, you could share it with us!

I wasn't around before Mia was born but I sure will be this time.

I never had morning sickness either although it came close with my youngest. I think it was a sign to me that enough was enough.

Congrats on your impending arrival! I hope everything goes well for you, with the move, the baby and Mia adjusting to it all!

We found out we were being relocated by my husband's company back in March when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. We sold our house and bought another one in our new location and it's worked out well so far. Now to just get the rest of the boxes unpacked and a nursery put together in the next 10 weeks...

It truly is amazing to me that I can be so ecstatic for someone a zillion miles away, whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting. I love having a sneakie peak into your beautiful life with your wonderful family.I am so happy that I will continue to be entertained and amused by all the joys to come as it continues to grow! Many happy baby thoughts - you know lovely labour, sleep filled nights... and all that jazz!

A big, big congratulatin from Spain. ThereĀ“s nothing best then feeling a human being inside you. Felicidades de todo corazon.

Congratulations! You also have my sympathies-we moved (in the DC area) last August, when I was 16 weeks pregnant. It was really hard to limit what I did. It was hard work and stressfull (we had also decided to move just before I got pregnant) but well worth it. Best of luck!

My daughter's due date was February 6th, born January 11th, and my son was about Mia's age as well. He really enjoyed helping Mommy with the new baby. He was my fetch and carry guy. He seemed to love being included in the whole process which he thought was totally awesome, especially when my daughter would poop when her diaper was being changed (He's a boy. What can I tell you? They like the gross stuff.) I had to draw the line though when he insisted that he could feed the baby because his "boobies have milk too!" You should have seen the look on his face when I had to explain to him that his boobies would never have milk in them. He was so disappointed!

Anyway, good luck with this pregnancy. And especially good luck with Christmas and being that pregnant during it. I feel for you already!

More cheering leftover from the other site: Whoooooohooooo!

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