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Mia Monday #83: Better on Friday Edition

Why yes, that is just the tiniest section of my extensive back yard visible through the windows. I'll get around to house pictures as soon as it looks acceptable to me. (Chris already posted some, he has lower standards of acceptable.) Also, pictures of the fetus are here. Fortunately, it doesn't have chop sticks.

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I just love her curls. She has adorably perfect little girl hair.

It must be a toddler thing. Michael is obsesed w/ chopsticks as well.

Oh those curls!


Go Mia with the chop sticks! Even I at 37 can't do that! LOL

She looks so grown-up in those pictures, and kudos to her for getting something to her mouth with those chopsticks. I still can't do it!


So big now. Geesh.

Lovely window and backyard, Ms. Fish.

Very impressive, indeed. And very adorable, but that goes without saying. I'm jealous of her curls... am I allowed to be jealous of a 2-year-old's hair?

I'm digging those curls! Also, should I be worried that she's more adept at using chopsticks than I am?

Go Mia! She is ahead of me. I still can't manage chopsticks.

Fetus' possessing chopsticks is one of the only ways sleeping in the third trimester could ever be worse. Trying to sleep with baby belly + being internally jabbed with chopsticks = torture.

Wow. I am completely jealous of Mia's mad chopstick skillz.

I am not commenting on cute Mia. I don't think you could make a picture of her that's not cute, even if you tried.

However, I am in LOVE with your windows!! Beautiful how the sun shines through them on your kitchen table.

Nice place! Enjoy the Bean, too... :)

We're having sushi tonight for Addy's birthday. The chopstick guantlet is thrown.

Simply adorable. Your girls got skills!

I love the pics without the flash, there is so much warmth in them! What a beautiful little girl she is. :)

Beautiful and hard working girl at the table...sooo cute.


Will we get Wally Wednesdays now too? :-)

but when the new baby is born, i fully expect chopsticks pics.

ps: go mia, i can barely eat with those things and i'm 24.

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