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Mia Monday #84: Cinderella Edition

Mia's latest addiction is headbands so that she will look like Cinderella. Yes, that Cinderella.

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She's far too pretty to be THAT Cinderella!

Such a princess!

Eek! Too sweet! And of course she looks nothing like Cinderfella.

Way more beautiful than Cinderella.

Oh Beth! She is so adorable!!!! What a beauty, really!

Sweet Mia! She was unsuccessful. She looks nothing like that scary Cinderella.


Somehow your little girl gets more adorable each time I see her!!!!

we've got a princess in our house's amazing how obsessed they can get!

i love love love Mia in headbands!

We have a little princess in our house too. She's addicted to headbands and high heels to look like Snow White. Mia is a very cute Cinderella!

Ohwow. She is so cute!

When I was little, I would pretend to be Sleeping Beauty by "pricking" my finger on something sharp (the edge of the TV, for example) and dramatically falling to the floor until the prince (usually my mom) came to give me a peck.

She is so beautiful! However, where is Mia, this girl is just too big to be Mia.

She looks just like Cinderella.

Not to be confused with Cinderfella.

And what a lovely little Cinderella she is!

How on earth are you going to fight of the guys that will be hanging around her when she's 16? She is adorable!

Good lord! She's just scrumptious!

I don't know... Mia and her love of all things for pretty hair have me jealous. Zoe won't let me get anything in her hair for more than 20 seconds.

Oooh, you should start posting belly pics every Wednesday and call it Wally Wednesday. :)

At least it's not Sinderella? Or Barbarella?

She's adorable. And there's nothing wrong with Disney, dammit.

If you ever need it, for whatever reason, I can do the Snow White song when she's singing into the well. That's all I got.

What's she going to be for Halloween?

My oldest was determined to look like Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Black headband, blue dress with white apron and black maryjanes. Luckily she already had the white blond hair and we didn't have to think about a wig! I watched that video more times then I like to say.

Your Mia is quite possibly one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen...that is after my own girls.

that first picture needs to be the new bean on the sidebar and on flickr so I can favorite it because... TOOOOO CUTE!!!

best part would be hearing her sing the cinderella songs :)

funny Mia is going through a Cinderella phase, my daughter has been walking around singing Cinder-ella... Cinder-ella... Today we were talking about Indians, excuse me, Native Americans, when I told her they wore moccasins, "like slippers", she said "oh like Cinderella's?"


Oh how cute is she! She gets more adorable by the second, doesn't she? cute!!!

she is growing up so fast!!! and she's so beautiful :) but of course, you already know that.

What a beautiful girl. The headbands make her look so lady like.

Gorgeous little girl you have there! ;)

*sigh* I remember when Molly liked Cinderella. Now she only wants to watch Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

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