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Mia Monday #85: Toddler Have a Unique Sense of Fashion Edition

Mia is into headgear lately.

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Wow... she does like the headgear. But she's so cute she can pull it off.

Hey, the little glimpses of the house we've seen in the background look great!

Faboo! As always!!

Cute as always! When do we get to see a picture of the belly???

Ha. HA! That last photo, she's all, "Dude. Mom. I AM ALL SET WITH THE CAMERA, THX, BYE"

And somehow, it works on her.

Ha! That's awesome. My daughter went through a phase where she wore headbands all the time, but across her forehead. She looked like John Travolta in Staying Alive.

Please pass the strawberries.

So cute!

So cute - though she does look like a little rapper. Think Malibu's Most Wanted.

She's the next Coco Chanel, or something. (Pick whichever designer is least screwed up!)

Wow! Waaaay cool!!!!

LOVE IT! A little trendsetter she is! ;)

She's totally rocking the headgear!! Too funny...

She is, in fact, a pretty, pretty princess!

The look she's giving you clearly says, "So? You got a problem with my sense of style?"

She gets that penchant for putting things on her head from her daddy!

Toddler Fashion ROCKS.

My resident toddler goes around with my underwear on her head, one snowboot (also mine, half as tall as she is), my hair clip, and an umbrella.

She's stylin!

Toddlers can get away with anything.

She is adorable!

Ha! Sophie loves shredded cheese, too! It's the only way we can get her to eat it. Unless it's melted on pizza.

Seriously cute.

I'm jealous that you have fresh strawberries this late in the summer.

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