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I haven't been ignoring you. Oh wait, yes I have so been ignoring you. But I have a list of excellent reasons for ignoring you. Wanna hear them? I mean, it's either tell you the reasons I've been ignoring you, or tell you about how I am having all these sexy pregnancy dreams that I missed out last time and how they can get pretty kinky and tend be distressingly light on, say, Clive Owen appearances and upsettingly heavy on cameos by girls I went to high school with. And nobody wants to hear about that, right? Right. So, here's why I've been ignoring you.

Let's see, on Friday morning we bought a house, which involved signing our names eight million times and getting a lecture on the care and maintenance of our new pond and the dozen or so fish living therein, and then several trips from the old house to the new house hauling most of the contents of our kitchen, all the clothes from our closets and a towering mountain of Mia's toys.

Saturday, I got up bright and early to drive Mia over to my parents' house, then dashed to the new house to meet the guy coming to install the phone/cable/internet and unpack, wash and put away the entire kitchen. It took four hours, but I got through all the boxes, got everything put away and arranged, and the house looked great. Then these four wiry Hispanic guys showed up with several thousand more boxes of stuff that they insisted on storing in my house and the whole thing went to hell right quick.

Come late afternoon-ish, my parents showed up with Mia and my in-laws arrived with wine and they all sat out on my new deck drinking while Chris and I tried to figure out where to serve 6 people dinner. (Sit on the small boxes, plates on the big boxes, obviously.) Also, the air conditioner broke, which is entirely festive and also just our luck. We really should have expected it and scheduled a repair call for 5:00 Saturday in advance, it would have saved us a very hot weekend, which I spent with two people who were very cranky and one who was very whiny. The whiny one was not the one you would expect.

Sunday was more trips back and forth between houses hauling crap we hadn't managed to pack for the movers. Monday was over an hour sitting in my OBs office waiting for her to get around to seeing me, just so she could try to rush me out of there. So I asked every question I could think of, some twice, just out of spite. After that, and a quick stop for french fries, it was one last trip to my little yellow house to clear out the last of the crap and sit on the front steps reading a book and "supervising" the three lovely ladies who came to clean my house out of the kindness of their hearts and in exchange for several hundred dollars. Worth every damned penny. While I was gone, the A/C got fixed and Chris stopped whining.

Interspersed with that is lots of unpacking and cleaning and playing dollhouse and letting Mia give us tours of her new room and reassuring her every time we leave that we are, indeed, returning to the new house in the near future and she need not be concerned or scream her head off. Which she did Subday night in Target, and golly gee willikers but that was festive. Actually, while I didn't enjoy the tantrum, I did enjoy that Chris finally got to witness a big one, which I have gotten to enjoy every other day or so for the past few weeks. As we were driving home with a still-screaming toddler strapped into her carseat behind us, he turned to me with a shell-shocked look on his face and said "it isn't usually like this, is it?" I told him that yes, it was usually like that, and that it was nice to finally have a witness.

Also, the fetus, which for reasons far too opaque to be detailed in this already marathon entry I am currently calling "Wally" has been doing gymnastics for the past 5 days or so. I never felt Mia move until she was much bigger, and even then only if she really hauled off and kicked me, so it's nice to have these little tickles and flutters and it will be something upon which I can look back fondly when Wally gets big enough to really bounce around on my bladder.

Anyway, have I mentioned that we are having a large-ish birthday party for my parents at the new house in less than a month? Because I am insane? So yeah, I've gotta get back to work.


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You're already doing much better than we are! It's just us and two wittle bitty mice and it looks like a tornado hit our place. The fact that you actually have your kitchen unpacked and squared away is AMAZING.

The house we live in now had a fish pond when we moved in. Somehow, they survived our patchy care until our daughter started walking. Then, I had a panic attack and decided the pond must be filled in, because, sweet jeebus, what if she fell in? We gave away the fish we could catch with a colander and net, and drained the pond. Those poor souls that were left were put out back into a small stream. I like to think they made it. The reality, however, is probably less rosy.

It is now a lovely half completed herb garden. Much like everything else in a home you move into pregnant with an overzealous husband.

Congrats on the new house again, and kick your OB in the mommy/daddy button (bonus points if you can name that movie) next time you're there.

Moving sucks, but at least you now have that big yard and pet fish to look forward to each day!

Holy Crap, woman, I'm tired just READING that post. Get some rest, and good luck unpacking. It'll be over before you know it (or at least I hope it is for your sake!)

Also? The second baby has kicked me WAY more than Shepherd... and Shepherd was a very active little fetus. Thankfully, the current lil' fetus' head is engaged, so the kicking and stretching has abated a little bit... :)

Everyone I know, the weekend they move in, something breaks. Our front door broke, refused to close. It's like a rule or something.

Congrats on both the house and feeling the baby move. Does the fact that you call it Wally mean that it is a boy?

I'm glad that you're moved and that the AC is fixed. I'm glad that Chris witnessed a tantrum! And that he stopped being whiny. I figure a girl can only handle so much... :o)

Congrats, again, on the new house!

"Wally" is a decided "boy" name.

Intuition, much?

Welcome home! At least I hope it starts to feel like home to you very soon. :)

That all sounds like pure, torturous exhaustion. At least the worst is behind you now.

Geez, what a whiner. Ha! I kid!

I'm sorry fairies did not flutter in and make everything super easy and wonderful, but damn, you're SO in your new house and it's gotta be amazing. Well, pretty much next week should be amazing.

Either way, congrats on making the leap. It's all mature and responsible and yet risky and crazy. Nice.

Ah moving, such fun, isn't it! And I applaud your retraining efforts with the OB... you gotta get them in shape fast or they just walk all over you!

Glad to see that the move went/is going relatively smoothly! I still have one box from an early June move that I haven't unpacked! LOL

Oh I'd love those nice ladies to come and clean for me. I am so tired I can hardly stay awake and I'm not even pregnant.

Congrats on the move and the new baby! Now I can hardly wait for pictures of the new place and ultrasound pics of the new tenant who has taken up residence in your womb :) Congrats are blessed!

Glad to hear things are coming together! Am also very sorry I haven't been around lately. Just after your new baby announcement, I had a lovely stay at our local hospital! Am home now and recooping just fine!

Much love to you all and can't wait to see some pics of the new place! I'm so thrilled for all the good things happening for you guys! Congratulations again!

All I did was read about your move, and I'm exhausted. Hope you're getting lots of things done interspersed with plenty of naps for everyone involved.

Congrats on moving in!

I'm SO jealous you already feel the baby!! I'm calling mine "Puk".

I laughed about the Chris finally seeing a melt down thing. Every time Sully does it in front of Chris, I'm like, "See, see? I -told- you he does this!" Geez. I think all toddlers are out to make their parents liars.

Yay on feeling movement! I loved the flutters. I'm now in the 'I am just the right size to touch the whole uterus AND your bladder at the same time, so watch out' phase. It's awesome. I've been trying to decide if Sully should feel it, or if it would just skeeve him out.

You'll get there, I promise. Seems insane now, but the work up front is the worst to the best.

And I'm sure the gentlemen in the crowd want to hear more about those dreams.

you're so having a boy!! and yes, you're insane, but I have no doubts that the party will be lovely and you'll look like you stepped out of Vogue.

Sweet Baby Jesus! You've been very busy. I'm a bit in awe of you at this present moment. Good luck with all the unpacking. Just thinking about unpacking my remaining boxes makes me want to lay down.

Good luck with all of that!

Beth said: I am having all these sexy pregnancy dreams that I missed out last time and how they can get pretty kinky and tend be distressingly light on, say, Clive Owen appearances and upsettingly heavy on cameos by girls I went to high school with. And nobody wants to hear about that, right?

I think you underestimate the kinkiness of your audience.

Kisses, right back at'cha.

And do me a favor, while you're having the awesome pregnancy sex dreams (that I never had, thank you very much) please have one about Rhett Miller for me.


(and now get back to unpacking. We'll be in DC in 3 weeks and we need a place to stay, damnit.)

Geez, I go away for a few months and I come back to a new house, new Wally and kinky lesbian dreams? Sheesh!

Congratulations on the house and the fetus. :)

congrats on the move! have fun unpacking, we can unpack together!

Congrats on the move and the babY! I just moved 3 months ago myself with a 2 year old toddler, and now Im 20 weeks pregnant.. Its been CRAZY! I felt the lil fetus move at 13 weeks which was fun since I didnt feel my first move till much much later.... Good luck! I love your blog btw.

I think "Wally" is a fantastic in-utero name! In public, I just refer to my bump as "the kid", but at home the bump is called "Sharkie" or "the little ninja".

I find it interesting how dads can be so CLUELESS about the "other side" of their offspring. This was good for him to find out... you know, since there is ANOTHER one coming. *evil laugh*

Congrats on the move. Oh, and hiring cleaning help? Perfect. Wish I'd have thought of that!

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