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Not usually so squeamish

There's a dead frog in our pond, a big one. I'll give someone an entire homemade brownie to come fish it out for me. Now, I didn't make the brownies, my wonderful friend Laura made them and then brought them over with her deliciously roly-poly baby girl, which really is the only thing that can make brownies even better, but they are quite yummy and therefore I consider it serious payment indeed.

Also, our next door neighbor brought over an apple pie tonight to welcome us to the neighborhood. In our old neighborhood, people just left condoms in our yard. I think I'm glad we moved.

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Well, I'd say baked goods are a definite improvement over used condoms. It almost makes the dead frog sound not so bad after all.

A dead frog is NOTHING. I work with dead cows and horses on a daily basis. Hold that brownie for me--I'll be over shortly.

Yep, it's a good move getting away from those other people. I remember (with horror) the condom incident!
Dead frog? Brownie? Well, I think I could do it. Top it off with some fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream and I'll even clean the pond for you!

Oh, ewwwwwww.

Are there people one can call for this sort of thing?

Oh, ewwwwwww.

Are there people one can call for this sort of thing? I know! Call Animal Control and tell them you certainly think it's rabid, and then pretend it died while they were on their way.

Do I get a brownie?

Or, I could just comment 37 times. For emphasis.

We moved into our house a few weeks ago and two of our neighbors have come over with yummy food to welcome us. Aren't friendly neighbors awesome?! It makes me want to do the same when someone new moves into the neighborhood!

baked goods beat prophylactics any day!

I have nothing useful to say about the frog issue...I just have to tell Manda how much I love her comment!

I'll fish it out for you.

And Yeah for neighbors bearing baked goods.

Love the headband in the other post.

I think I'd rather fish out a dead frog than chase a live one.

Shame I live on the other coast.

This sounds like a much better neighborhood...well, except for the frog... which I suspect is not the neighbors' fault. Or is it? No, no, that would just be creepy. I'm sure it died a natural death. Too hot there, maybe? Did it boil? Eeewww... that was uncalled for. I'll stop now.

Yes, thank you, I'd love some brownies.

I found your site recently and this post made me laugh out loud and I just had to comment. And congrats on baby #2!!

If you've still got the frog problem... I tell ya what.... I'll come and remove the frog for you if you'll come and clean out the human waste and toilet paper that piled up for two days under the summer trailer when we were completely unaware that a pipe had backed up. I'll even throw in a cold beer and a steak bbq. Deal?

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