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So logical

WHEREAS Mia always poops at Sarah's house, always, never fails; and

WHEREAS Sarah is potty training the Goon Squad; and

WHEREAS after watching Claudia do it yesterday, Mia spent five minutes sitting on the potty making at the very least an extremely good show of trying to poop; and

WHEREAS we are moving on Saturday, which I believe I may have mentioned before, but surely no more than once;

NOW THEREFORE I've decided to leave Mia with Sarah for a week, since they have better toys than we do, Mia is far more pleasant to Sarah than she is to me, and I am certain to get her back fully potty trained.

I? Am brilliant.

Comments (27)

Sounds like a plan although I would think you would miss her terribly!!
I have two friends who have had their children potty trained by a friend it seems to work better!

Not a bad idea, my older niece was potty trained by a weekend with Grandma...

Yes you are! Good luck with the move.

Utter brilliance. Sarah is a glutton for punishment. 3 under 3 is a challenge!

...and when she comes home a week later she will be the only one of the three children that poops in the potty.

Maybe you can train The Goon Squad once Mia has it down cold.

kudos to you! super idea!

Melissa (Issas World, no longer up) claims to be able to potty train any kid in 1 week. She's done it for all of her friends. It's a no-nonsense 5 day plan. Maybe she can help?

Or Sarah can do it. That seems so much easier...

Came here by way of Chris...

It sounds like a plan! Happy moving (and new baby).

There's nothing like someone who isn't mom to make a kid want to go on the potty. It's a strange but constant phenomenon. One wonders how it was accomplished before 1970.

Graduating to "no more soiled pants" is such a milestone.. Good luck!

perfect...think Sarah will take Isabella too??

brilliant plan...just brilliant...

Now if only I could find a sucker....errr, I mean friend... who would do same for me with my 2 year old.

You're a genius!!

Will you have to reciprocate? Can you handle a goon squad? That would be my fear.

So brilliant. Will make for a less stressful move, time to get the house pulled together and quality time with Chris. Think of the fun Mia will have and hopefully she will be all potty trained as a bonus.

What a great friend to have!

Wow, you are one LUCKY mamma!!!!! I'm so jealous. If she's potty trained at the end of the week, I'm sending the monkey to YOU for a week! (You gotta pay it forward, right!?) ;)

Pretty sweet gig. And brilliant, I must add.

Brilliant!! What a great friend is she! When we moved, Tim spend two nights at my SIL's. That was way too short.

Do you think Sarah will potty train Tim too?

have you seen this story about the couple trying to name their baby Superman? this is quite funny but a tad ridiculous as well. check it out archives/2861

Have you mentioned this to Sarah or will Sarah just discover another little person walking around her house trying to poop and accept it as part of life's mystery?

That is good thinking!

Can I have Sarah's phone number?


I've thought of doing this to my mother, so don't feel too badly (if you do - don't :) ). Wouldn't that be awesome???

OK, so move day has arrived (here in Germany at least). Just wanted to wish you all the best!

This is why we read you - because you're genius.

I hope your move went swimmingly! We also moved into our new home on Saturday and we are up to our necks with boxes and pretty much chasing our tails going through all the "Misc." boxes to find those crucial things that we must have before we can do anything else!

Excellent idea! Also, I'm just back from vacation and catching up on the blawgs and holy crap! Very exciting news. Congratulations to you and Chris and Mia! My youngest was born Feb. 4th -- it's a great time of year to have a baby.

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