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This is important

So, do you box up your underwear, or just leave it in the drawers for the movers to admire?

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Toss it in a suitcase, or use it to fill up boxes. Whichever. It definitely doesn't get packed neatly because, dude, it's undies.

I don't know that I want strangers touching my clothes, so I would box them up. Than again, I take my clothes to the wash and fold, so I'm absolutely no help at all.

Hello.... I'm shyly delurking myself.... (blush).

Beth I love your blog, and the reason for my delurk is that I don't want what happened to me to happen to you!

I recently moved house (2 mths ago) and my husband and I had made the decision to get someone in to pack and move us. This worked out well, becuase I had to have emergency surgery just 3 days before the move. Anyhow, the moving and packing peeps came in an did their thing, including whatever it is they do with your more "personal items". When I finally came home from hospital, and was again able to dress myself I noticed a strange little thing had happened in my underwear drawer.... every single pair of my knickers had dirty fingerprints on the crotch - EVERY SINGLE PAIR!!!!! I questioned my husband, and he was just as horrified as me. So, while shopping for a whole stack of new stuff was fun, it was kind of traumatic to contemplate what might have happened. And, it wasn't just from ordinary handling by the looks of things. I threw everything out, and felt quite violated.

So, Beth - just box your knickers, for your own peace of mind!!!

I have one of my top officials put them in my home-made panty shredder and then I have them deny all knowledge of undergarmets.

I'd pack em.. how much space can they take? You appear to have a small tushie.

Depends... my underwear drawer consists mainly of granny panties right now *blush* (Did I just confess to owning huge panties? I'll blame the fact that I'm 8 months preggo). I think it'd be hilarious to buy some crotchless panties and all sorts of tasteless underwear, and leave them for the movers. You never know... it just might be the inspiration they need to do a good job.

We moved ourselves but in the event that it wasn't me, my own self, who moved that drawer, I piled boring, heavy sweaters on top of it.

We moved ourselves but in the event that it wasn't me, my own self, who moved that drawer, I piled boring, heavy sweaters on top of it.

We move a lot due to flipping houses and such. So, I'd tried every which way. Tote bags & Suitcases are usually what I end up putting my underwear in. I'm scared of our movers admiring it. They're creepier than shit.

If I had the kind of bras and panties I had in my 20's, I might leave them. Proudly! But now? I hide most of those suckers from my husband, let alone perfect strangers. Having just moved myself, I like the "stick it all in a duffle bag/suitcase" approach. Just don't forget where you put it or unpacking will be...breezy!

pack you undies.

I am getting the heebie jeebies just reading some of these comments

Totally pack it. You can leave everything else in there and most likely, they're going to shrink wrap it anyway, but still. I never trust movers to not look in your dresser.

Okay, now that I'm totally skeeved out by Justine's experience, I'd have to say that tossing your undies into a suitcase and taking them with you is a good idea. Or self-pack and tape the box closed and label it something generic like "master bedroom".

I threw my clothes in suitcases. You have to move the suitcases anyway. Why move them empty?

you wear underwear?

Those movers work long, hard hours. The least you could do is show them your underthings.

I'm pretty sure that depends on how much time is left to pack and how tired you are.

I'm thinking pregnant + 2 year old = free undies drawer pass.

which, by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I'll be packing mine in a holdall with as many of my clothes as possible.

I did all my clothes, undies included, in suitcases, just because it makes them easier to move, and if you are too tired to start unpacking right away, at least it's obvious where they are!

I did all my clothes, undies included, in suitcases, just because it makes them easier to move, and if you are too tired to start unpacking right away, at least it's obvious where they are!

I leave them in the drawer.

If they really want to look at my underwear they are welcome to it. After all, they are carrying all my heavy stuff.

My movers have always been myself and my husband, so I don't know the correct answer, but I usually put all my clothes from my dresser into paper bags and cart them over in my car.

We took the drawers out (clothes and all) and carted them to the new place in our own car. Movers only saw the empty dresser. Same with DD clothes/drawers

When we moved to Vancouver we were not allowed to box one single thing. Boxes that were already packed, like the Christmas stuff in the basement, had to be unsealed and opened so the movers could inventory them, for Customs or something. It was awful.

I had a similar experience to Justines and needed to share!
We moved from Texas to Virginia and the movers told us to keep everything in the drawers and they would tape the drawers closed. Everything seemed to be fine until we arrived in the new house and the drawers were untaped and all of my "good" underwear/panties and matching bras were missing. We are talking the good stuff from Victoria's Secret, not the granny panties that you wear when Aunt Flo visits. So creepy!.

Definitely pack them in a box or a suitcase!

It would creep me out to find someone thumbing through my undergarments, they may not be the same afterwards.. lol..

I just left mine in the drawers - mind you they were big ol' maternity undies so I didn't care who saw them!

I left mine in the drawer, and if the movers looked through them, well I don't want to know about it. On another note, our plan was that they would provide wardrobe boxes on moving day and I would fill them up...well, they showed up and decided to be friendly and put my clothes in by themselves...unfortunately I had left all of my pretty lingerie type outfits on hangers in the closet, so they got a good show of the sex clothes. Quite uncomfortable to look at them the next day at the new house.

Pack them up yourself and anything that your overly sentimental about that could get broken or misplaced.

We've had movers move us three times in the past three years (relocations for my husband's job) and I've always left my undies in the drawers. I don't think the movers exactly have time to be going through drawers. Usually, they want to get the job done and go off with their tip ASAP!

Pack them....Just so that you know no body but you (and Chris) touched them. Now you could always leave 1 or 2 out as a treat for those hard working men!

The past few times I've moved (just friends, no professionals) I've bagged up (trash bags) what was in the dresser drawers and then put them back in the drawers. Another important tip when you're moving is to make sure you have a set of sheets handy for your beds. There's nothing that sucks like not knowing where your sheets are when you're exhausted after moving.

Box them up. I was going to say that even before I read the comments, but Justine's just freaked me out!

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