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Mia's been up before the sun for the past couple of days, so when she started fussing at 5:30 this morning I made a desperate move and brought her into bed with us. This hasn't gotten her back to sleep in months.

Now it's after 8 on the one day all month that I have somewhere I absolutely have to be this morning, and here's my kid:

I've tried waking her up, and she just reaches out a little hand and shoves me away. The flash had no impact at all. Is 2 too old to just plop her into the car in her pajamas?

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Awwww poor kiddo it all caught up with her. Plop her in the car in her Jammies... actually if she's that tired you may even be able to "sleep dress" her

I'd say definitely not too old for staying in her pjs. She's so precious-looking in them, I don't think anyone would care at all.

Nope. Go for the gusto, Beth!

Nope. Go for the gusto, Beth!

At our house, 28 isn't too old to go out in your jammies in a pinch.

I'm with Nichole. Only make that 33.

I think pajamas are always okay when the wearer is cute!

She is so adorable! Doesn't it just figure...the ONE day you could have slept in you have to be somewhere and she sleeps in. That is my life!! Pulease...I see adults in their pj's all of the time out and she is so cute in them.

She is so adorable in those jammies, I think I would never take her out of them.

Kids are so cute when they sleep and Mia's no exception.


If I can go to McDonalds in mine she can go anywhere in hers. I'm thinking she looks a lot better than me in her jammies!

Of course not! Mine are 3 and 4 and I plop them in the car plenty of times in their p.j.s to take the 9 year old to school! Go for it!

Of course not! Mine are 3 and 4 and I plop them in the car plenty of times in their p.j.s to take the 9 year old to school! Go for it!

I was unaware that there was an age limit for the ability to go out in jammies. Oops.

Hell, *I* sometimes go out in my jammies. Are you saying I'm too old for that?

Daya did the same. damn. thing. this morning. Woke up at 5:30, then slept til 8:30, way past her mornal wake-up point of 7ish...

Yes of course I was late for work.

i don't think there is any age too old to popped into the car in your pajamas. 35 too old to drive your husband to the train station in your jammies? I think not!

And my 9 year-old still gets up at the crack-ass of 5:30. He's just not a sleeper.

PJ's will be the new fashion trend! Go for it :)

Are you kidding? Michael went to daycre in his pjs today b/c I had to be in court at 8:30 and at 7:30 he was still sleeping. I put him in the car and dropped him at daycare.

We never even get dressed in the summer. It's PJs - swimsuits - shorts over swimsuits - PJs. Lather, rinse, repeat.

That little cutester sure looks cozy!

Definitely not too old - my hubby took Sierra to the grocery store Saturday morning in her PJ's (he was wearing his too). You're never too old to go out in PJ's!

PS - cute pics! Mia is adorable!

Typical. So typical.

I hope you just popped her into the car in her pjs. She's two. Everyone will think she's extra cute. ;-)

Sitting in the carseat with your pajamas on is the best! You don't have to wake up and someone carries you into the seat. When you wake up, you're usually someplace fun. I wish I was 2 again!

Not too old at all. I take my kid to daycare in her pj's occasionally. Just grab a change of clothes and get on the road.

She could not be any cuter, my god. It seems like she's picking up on the fact that something's up around the Fish/Cactus house. Hopefully she settles back to her good sleep patterns once things settle down at the new house! Or you know, sooner, but let's not get crazy.

To ask the question implies that there is an age at which it is inappropriate to plop a child in the car in their jammies. This depresses me. My babe is almost a year old (WOW that happened FAST) and I already put the pressure on myself to dress her to the nines. But to be honest, I think it's because I think if she looks cute the focus will be on her and NOT on me. Because sometimes I'm still wearing my jammies! :)

I'm delurking. I love that you actually made the bed around the child!

Nowhere NEAR too old! I'd have done the same thing. Parents understand these kinds of things and to heck with anyone else who might raise an eyebrow. I see kids all the time with just a diaper on, which is akin to being in public in your underwear. Big whoop!

I say pick your battles and fighting her to get her dressed when she's tired isn't worth the frustration for either of you.

Hee! That's awesome! Maybe it's time for a big-girl bed? Maybe she likes beds better than her crib right now? Or, maybe it's just YOUR bed.... The monkey's getting her own bed real soon....

Such a pretty little girl. :) I hope all went well today!

I wish I could sleep like that. I say go for it.

If anyone could pull off the PJ look, it would be Miss. Mia. She could pull off any look with those cheeks.

I would definitely keep her in PJs. God, I wish Sophie would sleep past 5:30.

oh man, i would have totally come over to babysit so you wouldn't have to wake her...but i wouldn't probably get stuck at customs...:)

Because you'd be the only person to ever take a kid outside in her PJs? Ha. We did that last week.



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