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At least it wasn't the electric

Latest entry to the List of Things I Never Thought I Would Say to Another Human Being:

Sweetheart, please don't put the toothbrush in your bottom.

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OK, so you totally owe me (or my company) a new keyboard b/c I just spit coffee into mine laughing at today's entry... I hope you were talking to Mia and not Chris...

and this is why you are my first blog reading every morning!
I second the hope that it was Mia you were talking to...?

Oh, that list just gets longer and longer! I personally particularly enjoyed "Stop peeing on your brother!" and "DON'T lick your brother's sock!" Oh and "I don't think the cat would like that" which only really makes sense when you know it was addressed to a 2 year old holding a pencil and looking speculatively at the rear end of said cat.....

You have to clean the pooper one way or another, and she's probably too young for an enema. So maybe, y'know, a toothbrush could work.

Stop holding your daughter back! Unless you were talking to Chris, in which case, stop nagging!

My favorite to date is, "Don't stick your finger in the doggie."

(Fortunately, we have extraordinarily patient and forgiving doggies.)


Totally laughing at the comments as well as your post - 'I hope you were talking to Mia and not Chris.' He heee!

My fav is "please do not lick the dogs. They like to lick but it is yucky to lick them back."

I love being a parent! It is SO full of fun and humor!

Please, please, please tell me she now has a new toothbrush.

Oh that is too funny!!!

Aren't kids wonderful?... unless, you know, Chris... yeah. Well...

Having toddlers means saying sentences that you really never thought you'd ever say. My favourite so far? "Lauren, don't lick the TV!"

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! That is fabulous! Tell Chris to use the electric one next time!

ROFL! Because I came here directly from Chris's wonderfully calm post about the center of his universe and his being content and of course, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that you are talking about him, too. I guess there is SOME history here, yes?

I mean, we've all read of his fun and youthful antics before...

Well, they say kids learn by example. So what are you two doing over there in that new house, huh?!?!?


You are the SECOND blogger (in a row, mind you) to make me choke on coffee after typing something your child wrote!

Hysterical. The comments are funny too.

I will be smiling about this all night.

All around awesome.

Well this all reminds me why I have six kids that are never allowed in my bathroom.

Or clean the toilet with it. Or the lid of the garbage bin.

Yes. I've had to ask my toddler not to clean these things with his toothbrush.

We go through a lot of toothbrushes around here.


Too frickin' adorable!

But now are you worried that she's done it before??!! Because I am!

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