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Better and better

Hey! You know what's totally awesome to have at 19 weeks pregnant? Bladder infection.

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I totally had my first bladder infection (ever) a few weeks ago at 14 weeks...WTF? Pregnancy does weird stuff to our bodies! Like seriously!


ohhhhh - so sorry - that sounds really uncomfortable

Oh, Beth - I am SO sorry. I'm prone to them, and I know they're not fun...

I'm either 5 or 6 weeks and I have one too, I'm pretty sure. I'm currently waiting for the nurse to call so I can go in and get this treated. I'm prone to them anyway, so I'm sure this is going to be a fun 35 weeks!

Oh. My. God. I am so, SO sorry. Those things are bad enough on their own - I can't even imagine what it must be like with the added "bonus" of pregnancy. Aaaaack.

Oh, no fun at all. Been there, done that. With and without baby on board. Sorry... hope it clears up soon.

Ugh! I can sympathize. Grab those meds and worship them! Hope you feel better soon.

I got them so often when I was pregnant, that I ended up just calling the doc. Our conversations went this way:

Me: Help
Doc: Again?
Me: Help or I will kill you.
Doc: Geez, fine, drop off a sample, and pick up a script.
Me: Thanks!!

Still, I miss being pregnant.

Forget about just during pregnancy. They suck at any time...

I also experienced one of those during my pregnancy, but the idiots at the hospital couldn't tell what it was. I officially didnt find out till months after I had my son. They are the worst to have. I never want another one anytime soon.

Well darn it. They really suck. I was lucky with my pregnancies (except for one where I combined pyelitis and labor - hard to tell which was which) but I've had them at other times.

They are not fun and I hope this one will be shortlived.

That totally sucks!

They are fun to have at 13 weeks pregnant too... NOT! :/

I just finished my bladder infection medicine yesterday...babe I feel ya!! I am 23 weeks pregnant and man oh man...anything to make me have to pee more...for the love of God...a bladder infection. Happy Peeing! Hang in there!

one of the chicks in my pregnancy class had kidney stones ... at 8.5 months ...

I mean, not that having a bladder infection doesn't SUCK HARD.

Poor you. I have/had them so often that my OBGYN just gave me a script to fill whenever I felt one coming on...maybe they could do that for you? You might need to get them pretty often for the doc to do that. I'm fighting a kidney stone and headed to the urologist in a few days...go us!

Oh you poor thing! I hope it clears up soon.

Yeah, I'm getting those suckers almost every other week...never had them with pregnancy #1, but this pregnancy they just pop up all the time.

Can I tell you how sick I am of Cranberry Juice?!

My sister had shingles at about 16 weeks pregnant. It was not fun for her. She had to take a week off of work because she was in so much pain and couldn't take anything for it.

Okay, THAT is evil and suckalious. I am sorry...

In a show of support, I will avoid voiding for the next two hours.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

That just blows. I'm so sorry. As if you needed another reason to pee. Feel better!

I read it, and went "Oh. No!!" Hope you feel better soon!

awesome. you are SO lucky!

OH suckity suck suck.

Sorry. :(

OH suckity suck suck.

Sorry. :(

I know how you feel. I went to the dr's to get a prescription for UTF medicine only to find that I was 12 weeks along with the first one. Hope you're feeling better!

awww crap - been there my friend, you've got my sympathy. Hopefully the antibiotics aren't causing you bonus nasuea??

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