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Last night, I had a dream about George Clooney. I don't really care all that much for George, and nothing happened other than some cuddling and discussion of getting a hotel room (which in the context of the dream was not all that daring a proposition) but it's nice to finally get some mileage out of the whole sexy pregnant dream thing that doesn't include my husband.

I'm so boring.

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I had a really great preggo/sex dream about Justin Timberlake (of all people)...but it didn't hold a candle to the non-preggo/sex dream I had about Steve from Blues Clues. :)

The only thing I dreamt about when pregnant was peanut M&M's. I just wanted them so much! And I don't even like Peanut M&M's!

I had an extraordinarily graphic dream about George Clooney when I was pregnant.

I don't even like Clooney. What is it about him and pregnancy hormones?

I was hoping for Brad Pitt or some other Ocean's Eleven cast memeber. (not Carl Reiner)

I'd take a dream about George any day...

OMG... what would Clive say if he found out???

I need to dream more often! :P

I had a dream while I was pregnant, that I was having sex with BILL CLINTON! BLEEEECH!!!!!!

Now there's some trustworthy birth control! One little tiny thought of that and ain't nobody gettin' laid at my house! I guess I should go break the news to my husband about tonight. =/

At least you had one! I got nada, zilch, not one damn one during my pregnancy. Now THAT is boring!

Perfectly time post. Last night in a Robitussin induced fog I dreamed of two different "celebrities". I dreamed that I had an extra-marital affair with Mayor Daley (and yes, I live in Chicago). And I dreamed that John Stamos helped me move some furniture. WTF?! This is NOR FAIR!

Screw the dream, can I just get George Clooney?

I'll take Tristan from Legends of the Fall. Not Brad Pitt. Just Tristan. Sigh.

I finally dreamed of Michael Weatherly aka Anthony DiNozzo from NCIS. Been lusting for the man since I got hooked on the show, but he hasn't come aboard my DreamBoat(TM). Now, George, I must admit he is sexy, but he doesn't get me all hot and bothered like Brad Pitt does. Hasn't visited me either, that blonde god. *sigh*

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