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Free buffet

Dear Squirrels,

There are 143,985 chestnuts in my front yard right now. Please help yourselves, because I'm tired of picking the damned things up. I know they don't taste as good as the thousands of peanuts that Mia scatters on the steps for you, but really, it's your duty.


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Figures hey? All that food and they want her peanuts. I think it is cute myself but what do I know? The only thing hanging out in our 'hood this week is a stubborn porcupine that sits on the neighboors stoop.

Either there are a couple of squirrels hurling the freakin' things at us or it's really just the acorns' time, but we have been beaned on the head (once), beaned on the arm (twice) and beaned on the fairly new car (15+ times). I don't know if it all adds up to 143,985, but it's starting to feel mighty close to that around these here parts.

I will send all my New Hampshire squirrekls your way.
I am back from the dog show! Arnie did great! I'll be around more now for commenting and hopefully writing too! I sure have missed the blogasphere!

Bag them up and ship them to me for the pet squirrel that we are going to get next weekend.

When they're finished, they can hop on out here to the left coast and help themselves to our overabundance of walnuts.

Our neighbor cat was hit on the head by two walnuts today. You should have seen his offended look.

Sorry, they're too busy eating all my damn tomatoes.

heh heh

My boy brings home bags of horsechestnuts from the park to play with in his playkitchen outside on the patio. The squirrels whisk them away overnight for us.

And, while you're at it, boys, I'd like for you to stop conspiring with the raccoons to knock over my trashcan so that you all can feast LOUDLY at 3:27am on my back patio. That is all.

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