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Things making me grumpy today:

I just discovered 300 comments and emails in my spam folder. I've realized for a week or so that I was missing stuff, but didn't think to check the spam and had no idea it had been happening for at least a month and who knows how much longer. So, if I haven't been answering you, it isn't because I'm a jerk. Or at least, not only because I'm a jerk.

We had a veritable dickload of margaritas left after the party on Saturday, and out of a group of 6 adults, none of us could figure out how to dump the thing without making an unholy mess, so we just forced the men to move it full and left the tequila to oxidize in my garage. Then the rental guy came to pick it up and just opened the taps to drain it back into the buckets the mix came in. Taps. Duh.

I know I mentioned last week that I had started wearing maternity pants, but it was really just for a small amount of extra comfort since all my regular clothes still fit. I wore regular old pants yesterday, in fact. And I don't know whether it was a sudden fetal growth spurt or the two pieces of leftover birthday cake I ate last night, but this morning not a single item of pre-pregnancy clothes fits. Fuck me. Oh wait, that's how I got into this mess in the first place. Nevermind.

The child, she is whiny. The only thing that stops the whining is "rocket," aka Little Einsteins. I am very anti-tv for Mia - I don't like her to watch more than an hour or so a week, but the whining was so bad that I turned it on just to have some peace, and she already watched 45 minutes of Elmo this morning.

Pictures later, had zero free time this weekend. Or in the past three months really. I guess you can add that to the grump list.

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Two hours a week of tv is not going to be detrimental to Mia. Or three. Her world is getting bigger every day and a little Sesame Street will only help. Of course, that's just my opinion and you can do what you want. I'm just saying.

The only thing I can add is that I'd start letting her watch it now, before the baby comes, so that she thinks it some some cool thing that is hers and NOT what mom does to get her to stop putting mascara on the new baby.

This " Fuck me. Oh wait, that's how I got into this mess in the first place. Nevermind." cracked me up to no end. It's exactly what I would say, and yes, I amuse myself!
Hey, at least your pre-pregnancy clothes are a small size. AND, they'll be your post-pregnancy clothes too. No worries!

hey...what's wrong with Elmo??! :)

An hour of TV? A week? I thought for sure you would say an hour a day, but oh my word you didn't. You are my new mom hero. I won't even tell you howm uch TV my 3 year old watches. You would faint.

I had missing email as well, and it took me, the uber-geek (but not geeky enough to be cyber savvy) a whole weekend to think to check spam. And I was writing about acne and pre-teen angst and needed help!


For you too, I'm sure. I'll join the grumpiness.

Michael calls Little Einsteins "rocket" also.

At some point I just gave up the TV fight and gave in. Probably b/c I am lazy and a bad parent.

Sesame Street really is'nt that bad for the kids, however Little Einstiens is. According to a survey, Little Einstiens watchers had less vocabulary that kids who watched other things like Sesame Street. I tend to agree because Ses St has all ages of talking. LE has only lisping preschoolers. Besides, Kermit is MY pretend celebrity boyfriend.

Wait wait wait... You had margaritas left over and it just sat there? No one drank it? Soooo confused...

I don't think you were ignoring me. Were you? Hmmm...

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