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Every couple of days I get a flier on my door from a house cleaning service. You know the sort of thing, a picture of a house much, much nicer than yours and a menu of all the services they provide. I get a lot of fliers, but the house cleaning ones are the only ones spared from an immediate trip to the trash can. Those, I save. I place them carefully on the counter and then bide my time until Mia is napping or in bed. When I finally get those few, oh so few, precious minutes of solitude, I like to pull out my house cleaning fliers and read over them. I like to pretend that someone is going to come do those things to my house. Some of it is pretty mundane. You know, vacuum floors, change linens, dust mop hard floors. And then you get to things like dust blinds and picture frames. Wet wipe outside cabinets. Clean and disinfect showers and bathtubs. Totally hott.

I'm a little ashamed of my habit. I try to hide it from Chris - act like I just haven't made it to the trash yet or get rid of the evidence before he gets home from work. What it is, fundamentally, is housewife porn, and nobody likes to get caught admiring their porn.

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Your feed went back to partial posts. :(

I miss having a cleaning service. Maybe one day again...

I don't even get those cool fliers and I still obsess over it. My fliers just say things like "POLISH CLEANING LADY CHEAP" and a number. And I have been known to keep one by the phone until just before my husband gets home.

In the days before disposable income was a mere dream, we used to have one of those "house," how do you say, "cleaners," come to our house and do some work.

Sometimes I long for Maria to visit us again.

God, I thought I was the only one. I cut out the list of services from one and put it on the side of the refrigerator. I actually first put it up so that I would have a list of things to do for when I had free time to clean. Now it just makes me laugh and laugh. I imagine how busy someone would be if they actually cleaned their house like that.

p.s. ditto on not loving the partial posts in the feeds but if it's better for you, you know I'll still click through.

My next door neighbor is a house cleaner. I'm always ashamed when she pops over. I think she's being critical. She's not. She's a great, great lady. But if I have advance notice -- like she's coming for dinner -- I go through that whole frickin' checklist and do them all.

I do that with brochures from spas. I sit and imagine I'm getting the massages and facials and such and I get so relaxed it's like I actually went and did it. Kind of. Well, not really, but it's still relaxing. And free!

House cleaning flyers and travel brochures are my housewife porn. Tuscany and someone else cleaning my shower...oooo yeah.

I think I'm actually going the number. You know, when no one else is home.

I usually stick them up on the fridge just to prove to my husband how much I should be getting paid for what I do (or don't do, depending on my mood). He still doesn't get it. Sigh.

Um, but the thing is, with a two year old and another on the way, it crosses from being housekeeping porn to being something more akin, to say...necessity. Like air, or water.

I remember you saying that you gave up your cleaning service when you decided to stay home. Lately I've been thinking about hiring one. It seems like such an unecessary expense but I'm a horrible housekeeper and with a toddler AND a newborn, things could really get out of control. I'd even sacrifice Starbucks for someone to come in once a month and scrub my tub. Keep enjoying your fliers.

Ooooh... me too. And the Pottery Barn catalog, because it's nice to dream about a house that clean and neat and organized. *sigh*

Well I'm right there with ya! How the hell did we ever get to a point where something like this excites us?! This almost makes me want to download some REAL porn. Almost.

Worth every penny!

Time with my boys is more valuable than cleaning house so we have a house cleaning lady come in every other Wednesday. Needless to say, Thursday morning we are cluttered again. But my 4yo son just said last night before bed, "This house cleaning lady is very nice, she helps me pick up my toys and makes my bed"!

ooh, yes the Pottery Barn catalog is what gets me hot. And as someone with no kids yet, I also fantasize about cleaning services...and I can't even call it "housewife" porn.

I recently saw an ad for a "housekeeper wanted" on our local Craig's List. A young professional couple needed someone to come to their home three hours a day, Monday to Friday. I decided right then that, when I win the lottery, I too will have someone "keeping" my house for 3 hours a day!

i can't believe i've been reading the blog of a flyer whore all this while.

i feel so dirty... so. dirty....

When I first saw my now-husband's house, I thought he was the most immaculate man I'd ever met. Even the bathroom was spotless! My gosh! I thought he was a dream...

Then the bubble burst. I found out he had a housekeeper.

Alas. We married and I BECAME the housekeeper. *sigh*

LMAO at housewife porn! I love it!

if that's what gets ya hott you really need to check out this book. it's pretty funny.

(make sure to check out the pictures)

I had a cleaning service for a year. It was too much work as I decluttered before they came and sometimes forgot to put some things back. It drove my hubby mad.

I put away sentimental stuff that if they broke I would be heartbroken over and it took me at least an hour or two of work the day before they came.

My home was never clean enough to justify the $180.00 a month that I was spending for their services. I keep telling myself that it wasn't the right fit.

We canceled our cable 1 year ago to pay for a bi-monthly cleaning service. The best decision I have EVER made.

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