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I hate titles

For those who keep track of such things and will be wondering, same shirt, different yoga pants. But hey, not too bad for 20 weeks, right?

Ok, now here's how I look when I'm not killing myself to suck it in.

I keep telling myself that since I had lost 10 pounds before I got pregnant, the first 10 don't count because there was no way those 10 weren't jumping immediately back onto my ass, so really I've only gained like 7 pounds. Rocking.

I'm soliciting feedback on how to prevent this sort of thing from happening again over here today, so if you have just been dying to jump into a discussion about birth control of the sort to guarantee that one never gets pregnant again, today is your lucky day, head on over.

And now, if you will excuse me, I have to take a meeting (I crack me up) for an actual real job that I'm doing. Sure ok, it's just writing some web content and yes yes, it is for my father-in-law, but it isn't blogging and it isn't about being a mommy and it is honest to god getting paid to write because I happen to be fairly good at it, so yeah, I think I'm pretty hot shit.

And then I'm meeting Sarah to let the kids run around like the little maniacs they are and then smear themselves with pizza, which I'm sure will be much more fun than the work thing but Sarah has yet to offer to pay me to hang out with her, so I guess I'll do the work thing too.

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You look great! Congrats on the writing gig.

guh, my stomach is bigger than yours and I'm not pregnant.

You look great!

Pretty fantastic for 20 weeks!

Congrats on the paying gig!

Um, why am I twice your size and only 16 weeks?

Disgusting, I am blaming it on the bloat.

Now you want money? Crap. I'm either going to need another paying blog gig or cheaper friends.

Just HAD to de-lurk for this one! You look GREAT! I wish I only gained 10 lbs at that point. With my first I nearly doubled in size (sad but true... i went from 102 lbs to 190 lbs!! genetics....) so I was THRILLED to ONLY have gained 68 lbs with my 2nd!! I was in maternity clothes by 6 weeks....because I NEEDED them! (and it will all go away as long as you take care of yourself. I'm 46 and wear nearly the same size I did back then!)

Now, dont you feel better?

I am amazed that fireman did not want to do you after picking up the toilet paper for you. You look awesome, at least from this view!

You look mah-velous!

You look just fantastic!!

(Um, better than me who is NOT knocked up.)

Pull the shirt up chickie. We got to get a better view at your belly. This aint working. LOL! No, you are barely even showing! The second time people thought I was 6 months at 16 weeks! Just looking a little beer bellyish right now. Ok..thats probably not what you wanted to hear either. But oh boy you will soooooooooooooo love having a little boy. I wanted so badly to have two girls my whole life and when his weiner showed up on the US I actually cried...I know I am so horrible. But, when he came I couldnt imagine how I could of ever wanted another girl. I mean I already had a girl and having another would be like the same thing over but with a boy I got to experiance both worlds. Also, I thought my DD was sweet but boys are so different and I just love him to death. You are sooooooo lucky to have one of each.

When I was pregnant (my babe just turned one) I looked just like you do. Except I was about 15 weeks. NO FAIR! Admittedly, I did indulge just a little bit. I figured since I couldn't drink wine, I'd eat dessert. Not that I drank wine every day, but I started eating dessert every day. And then I started eating dessert not just after dinner but also after lunch. You'd think a red flag would have gone up when I started eating dessert after breakfast (oh, how I wish I was lying but the remaining 10 pounds I have to lose is my proof!) but it did not. The baby! She wanted the sweets! Frankly, I'm shocked I didn't give birth to a butterfinger blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Ok.. so I'm a semi lurker on your blog ;) I hope you don't find this comment weird. I recently bought a pair of pants from a girl on ETSY (I am so all about etsy right now!) and they came in the mail today. They are so comfy and awesome! I'm not pregnant but these pants would make the most wonderful maternity pants as they can grow with you (and will still be comfy post pregnancy) anyway.. they are super cute and I thought you might want to check them out! here's a link to some black ones.. but check out her shop as she makes them in all different colours!

Hope you like!

Holy shit. I just can't believe how small you are. I mean, when compared to someone who's exactly as pregnant, say for instance MYSELF. Why is my belly literally five times as large? My god, I'm having quintuplets and NO ONE TOLD ME.

(No, there can be no other explanation. Never mind the growing Hostess collection I have at home.)

Hey don't feel bad, I am not pregnant and I am bigger then that. :)

I gained weight AFTER my son was born because I thought ALL the chocolate-macademia nut cookies in the store were calling my name when I was breastfeeding, causing a GAIN of 40 pounds. (Pregnant, gained 1 ONE pound total... morning sickness bleh).

Beth! My gosh. I'm not even close to being pregnant and that's what I look like when I suck it in as tightly as possible! You're doing great.

I recently found out that I am pregnant again (YAY! and also Shhhh!- I've not told everybody yet.) and I am so happy to see that you CAN look good even for a second pregnancy.

Congratulations on the real, non-mommy writing!

My stomach's bigger and I'm not pregnant, either.

Wow, if I had any guts I would send a picture of my belly since we are due on the same day. You would then go eat a big brownie in celebration of how great and tiny your cute little bump is in comparison! I swear I could start to waddle any day now.

looking good mama!! I am I believe exactly as far along as you. This means we dont have to buy our husbands Valentine's Day presents.... ( my due date is 2-14 )

You look amazing. By 20 weeks I had gained easily 20-25 pounds, but since I put 50 on with all 3 maybe I'm not the right one to talk.

Birth Control? The only thing I can offer is don't do the Mirena IUD. Well actually once you get past the bleeding for almost 3 straight months it isn't so bad.

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