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Mia Monday #86: Cousins Edition

We asked the two year old to hold the three month old. We got about what we expected.

Also, I've started blogging at a new joint, but only twice a month, so don't worry that I'll be nagging you all the time to go read over there, because I'll obviously only be nagging you about it twice a month. Anyway, my first (sort of dull, but I was on an unexpected deadline with way too many home improvement tasks going on at the same time) post is up here. (Doing this one for fun, not for money. Just wanna keep it all up front with all y'all.)

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Adorable little girls!

It's nice that she gets to practice on a cousin before tormenting a sibling! (Spoken like a true youngest child, yes?!)

I believe my ovaries just exploded from the cuteness!!! That last picture is priceless.

Are these the matching outfits your mom was fretting about getting her grandbabies?

Awww they match! Too cute.

Ooh! I'm commenting on the wrong blog, but I just wanted to say that the Reston zoo and Frying Pan are so cute! I love the little monkey family and the way giraffes and zebras and whatnot follow the tour truck around. I'm sure it's an animal welfare activist's nightmare, but it's a fun place.

Also, we must be really geographically close. I go to GMU...who knows, maybe one day I'll be out and about and run into you two! (And then not say anything because it'd seem creepy, haha)

Matching outfits. Too sweet for words. Maybe I can Madeline and Drew into matching outfits!

Ah, girls! With pink! And bows! I am so looking forward to that in the coming weeks :)

Those pics are too cute :)

I love the last one!! Mia looks so proud and the baby looks so upset...

That 2nd pic looks like Mia is holding a doll! Looks like baby cousin is dealing with being "todder-handled" pretty well! lol

Too cute. Are they wearing matching outfits?

How cute is that? Mia looks like she is really having a good time. The cousin? Not so much. Oh well, they'll get used to these pictures in time.
Looks like your weekend was a fun one

Adorable! Love the matching outfits.

Oh those are some super cute photos. I love the purple pom pom things in Mia's hair. And the expression on the baby's face paired with Mia's obliviousness to these expressions is cracking me up.

You're contributing to DC Moms Blog? I'm over at Chicago Moms blog. The launch of DCMB has been long-awaited. Congrats on the launch today.

The fourth is my favorite, I think.

these are PERFECT!

So cute. Mia was so into doing her part, but keeping the baby upright was hard work!

That last one just makes me melt!

Did you just say "y'all" you sound like us Texas Girls! Mia looks darlin~ best wishes on your pregnancy too.

LOL - that's too cute! It reminds me of what Sierra does to Brooke 10 times a day!

I love it when little ones smoosh each other!

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