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Mia Monday #87: Mia's Playroom Edition

One of the things Mia picked up in the whole pack/move/unpack thing was the concept of being busy. I guess I told her a time or million that Mama was busy right now, but would play with her soon, so now she likes to tell me "Mia little busy now, play Mama later."

Well, Mia is too busy to play with you today. Maybe next week.

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That's actually wonderful. With a new baby on the way you'll really want her to master the skill of playing on her own... keeping herself busy... not needing you to play with her. Good job Mia!

Adorable! And maybe now you can get some stuff done.

Hee, "little busy now." That's so cute. I love the 3rd picture; she's all, "Oh. You're still here?"

I guess in a few months Mia is going to have to share her title of World's Most Beautiful Child? And Mia Mondays? And ahhh the world is all changing!

Totally cool pajamas! Love the third picture the best too!

Your little one is growing up so quickly. I can envision her being big sister.

Love it!!! Wish we had a playroom for the monkey's very own.... :)

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