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Mia Monday #88: Obligatory Bathtime Edition

Scroll down for fetus gender notification, and in future, come early when you know there will be news.

Mia has just started smiling on demand for the camera. The hair was totally her idea too.

(Hey, we can still do nipples, right? I mean, she's only two.)

Comments (31)

She's so adorable! I love the hair

It's a little like Cindy Lou Who. Adorable!

She looks like a Who! Minus the weird nose, teeth, and coloring. In fact, she is much cuter than a Who!

Wow...she looks so much like you in those pictures!

Love the hair...and I say nips are ok on two year olds. ;)

Oh my God that is the funniest thing I saw all day. She looks like a Who (from The Grinch but without the weird face, just the weird hair). Adorable.

I probably would've cropped out the nipples, if only because there are some crazy people on the Internet. But I agree, she looks adorable.

Omigosh she looks *so* much like you - especially in the third picture. Sooo cute!

Maybe a who ~ but remember that Martin Short character that had hair like that? I only remember what he looked like...maybe it was on SNL. Anyway that's what the hair reminds me of. She is such a cutie!

she's so cute!!! I love the hair...I can't wait for my little one to have hair long enough to do that.

You know the only thing that that girl needs? A little bother! Get working on that!! Oh... wait a minute...

Congratulations on having the cutest daughter and the cutest boy-who-hasn't-yet-been-born (I know it's true, even though I haven't seen pictures).

It's Ed Grimley, I must say.

We are SOOOO on the same wavelength. I took bath photos last night too and they will be my post tomorrow. But Declan's soap spike was nowhere near as Ed Grimley as Mia's.

Can you please ask that child to stop being so cute already?

(I can never comment on the Diary site, but I have a Small Change idea for you this month. Any help would be just lovely.

I love it!! She looks like one of the Who's from the Grinch that Stole Christmas with her hair up like that!

There is nothing cooler than a baby with punk rock hair!

She's having such fun! I love it.

What a cutie! And her hair is getting so long!

Oh my geez, that's hilarious! She'll love that picture someday.

What a beautiful smile! A beautiful child, really. :)

Oh goodness. Could she BE any cuter?

Love her grin!!! Those shots are priceless!!!

Ed Grimley lives!

Well, as my daughter would have told you when she was two, we only show our nipples at HOME (she proclaimed this loudly in the grocery store in the direction of the extremely hugely fat man who was wearing overalls with no shirt -- and she was right) and since you were at home when you took these, then it's fine.

One day you'll just know it's not okay anymore.

That hair is PRICELESS!

Someone beat me to it... she does look like a Who... LOL! What a cutie.

I've never thought she resembled you or Chris in any way, but I have to say she really looks like you here. Cute hair!

Nice 'do, Mia!

I love the hair! The cutest thing will be when you get the two of them in the tub at the same time!

I adore the pictures. The hair is awesome.

Super congrats on Wally being a boy. I'm so excited for you all. You're not going to name him Wally right?

Fabulous! And congrats on the news about your son!! DC was great, missed you, and now in PA until Monday.


Her hair is so long!

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