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Mia Monday #89: Spying through the window edition

These pictures are absolutely awful, but they are of one of my favorite activities these days - watching Chris and Mia play in the backyard when they don't know I'm watching. During this particular session, they were throwing handfuls of chestnuts up into the air only to collect them and throw them again.

Also, how much do you wish you had my backyard? Well, remind me to show you the other two-thirds of it sometime.

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I was just thinking, I'd LOVE to have that backyard.

They look adorable together, by the way.

I don't know, but it looks like maybe she knows you're watching her in that last one....

Actually, I think those are wonderful pictures. Something to save for sure.

I love to watch Rick with the kids. I have similar pictures, although they are playing with the water hose. Adorable.

These are great.

Mia is totally on to you in the last two pics. That yard is to die for...I'm so jealous.

I admit, I am very jealous of your backyard.

oh, and the pictures aren't awful, quite lovely!

Not awful, I don't think, just through a window :-) Your back yard is tremendously enviable. I kinda want a photo tour of your house and yard, but I don't want you to put up too much and invite internet stalkers either. (you know, other than me.)

I enjoyed the ones of them looking up in the air.
What an awesome backyard!

I'm insanely jealous of your water feature. Is it heated, or will you have to drain it this winter?

I think I'm in the same general region that you are (I'm in Manassas), and every time I make water-feature noises I get a long lecture about frozen ponds and cracked cement liners and blah blah blah from Mr. Practical.

I agree; Mia is definitely on to you in the last couple of pictures.

... and it's such a cute dress.

Okay the whole time I was looking at those pictures all I was thinking was how much I LOVE your backyard and wishing we had yards like that out here. So jealous. And also Mia and Chris look like they are having a blast, i can see why you enjoy peeking at them.

That's hilarious because I was just doing the same thing yesterday. The pics are in my flickr stream, seriously.

Adorable pictures!!
Rub it in...yes, I want to live in your backyard...I could put up a tent in the far corner and you'd never even know we where there....well, until you heard the crying crazy twins!!

yes, well rub it in why don't you.

I love those shots. Nothing awful about them!

And I may have more yard than you but it's not half as nice!

your yard is absolutely amazing! *jealous*

GORGEOUS yard. And yes, it does look like she's spotted you in the last two.

backyards like that do not exist in my fair city...we get postage stamps, if we are lucky! i am green with envy, Beth.

also...little girls and their daddies have got to be the cutest things in the world!

I'm most in love with my husband when he's with our daughter. It's a beautiful thing, to see them together, to not have anyone trying to climb up my legs. (That would be a reference to my daughter, not my husband. But I can see why you would feel confused).

Also? DROOLING over your yard. I could put 7 of my yards in your yard. Did I say 7? I mean 17. F*ck.

I live in a condo. We don't even have a backyard. My rabbit is totally envious.

Nothing's cuter than dad/kid playfulness.

Beautiful shots of Daddy and his girl!

Caught! Very sweet.

Totally jealous of the backyard! It's awesome the most! And your huz? Totally the hotness! lol He & Mia are adorable out there playing all unaware of the spying mama!

I love taking "spy" pictures... ;)

Yes, you have a great backyard. I'd be jealous, except I do to. (How's that for modesty? LOL)

What fun!

A big "me too" over here in regards to the backyard envy commenters above.

The pictures are great and it really captures the moment. You could get a circular polarizer filter for the camera if you want to get rid of the reflections in the future.

Im a little late in commenting on this entry, but I really like your back yard! SO NICE!

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